You can charge this battery with a micro USB

You can charge this battery with a micro USB

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  1. You guys do realize we’ve had normal rechargable batteries for over a decade right? The one pictured above is a waste of potential battery space and is not convenient at all to charge.

    Edit: multiple decades

  2. Have a full size USB port in it so you can plug your phone in directly to the battery. Recharge it with the micro USB.

    Plug the full size USB into the Micro USB and get infinite power! I just made an affordable clean renewable energy source. You’re welcome world. I’ll take my Nobel prize via carrier pigeon.

  3. Bloody amazing, but also a WTF idea.

    You could just buy one of the docks that hold 4 x AAA/AA or 1-2x 9v and recharge 4 at a time, forever. You’d need to be charging two of these at the same time to run almost any device (TV Remote, Gameboy, adult toys, etc). So there’s 2 USB micro cables being used up on two tiny batteries.

    I see this as a “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” invention.

    Also, once you factor in the technology to accommodate the port, you realise you’re left with about half the capacity of a normal AAA battery.

    And lastly, I’d be concerned about safety. I don’t recognise the brand by the colours. So if it’s some dodgy Chinese thing then reeeeeee house fire!


  4. Standard rechargeable batteries are far better than these. These use up most of the space with the micro USB port and charging mechanism, so the actual battery is much smaller. Normal rechargeable batteries have all of the charging circuitry in the wall charger itself, so all of the room in the battery is actually being used. Also normal battery wall chargers can charge at least 4 AA batteries at once instead of needing 4 micro USB chargers

  5. When I first saw one of these I was like “holy shit, that is awesome”. But once I worked out how little capacity it had I realized why they aren’t all over the place. They suck.

  6. Had 2 sets, not sure the brand but they were terrible. Customer service sucked to because they wouldn’t do anything about it even though I didn’t have them much more than a month before they stopped working.

  7. I have this item in my shopping cart without being checked out for quite some time. I wonder how good it is but the proposition resonates. If I bought it, it will basically stay in my luggage all the time (I travel at least once a month).

    Both my toothbrush and shaver use batteries and these ones will be perfect.

    For home use, this is not so practical.

  8. Does anyone know any good brands for this type of stuff? I have a fairly specific use case in a project of mine, this would be much easier than trying to install a separate charging circuit for a regular rechargeable battery.


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