Wipers on, lights on. PLEASE. Trucks and busses can't see you.

Wipers on, lights on. PLEASE. Trucks and busses can’t see you.

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  1. Chastise me for taking these photos but cars driving without their lights on in inclement weather is a nationwide epidemic. Large trucks and busses can’t see you until you’re right next to us. This shows what your vehicle looks like at the end on my trailer, mid trailer and just about to my cab. Make yourself visible! Don’t rely on automatic headlights or day time running lights. Physically switch your headlights on. I’m at work and having one less idiot to babysit so I don’t kill them would make my day just dandy đź‘Ś.

  2. I cannot for the life of me fathom why engaging the wipers does not automatically turn the lights on. It should be an opt-out procedure to not have them on, not opt-in.

  3. Volvos have the regular headlights on, including the tail lights, on all times that the car is running. Why don’t other manufacturers do this? Forget “daytime running lights” or having the lights go on automatically when the wipers are on. Just have the headlights on all of the time.

  4. I don’t understand why some Countries like the U.S. don’t have laws for daytime running lights. With so many vehicles in the U.S. why would they be one of the countries on this list, that do not require this as standard. Same with turn signals as red lights instead or orange.

  5. It’s odd that most of the time, it seems to be the case that many of the vehicles with no lights are silver or gray – making them blend in with the road, road spray, gray light even better.

  6. Back in August I got caught driving in an absolute torrential downpour. I could see maybe a couple dozen feet ahead, people were doing 25-30 in a 50, driving with their blinkers on, pulling off the road. And of course there were people driving with their lights off still. Including the car in front of me. Yes hello I would like to be able to see your tail lights so I know if I am about to run into you, thanks.

  7. I think the best way to solve shittt drivers is to make the US drivers licence actually hard to get. Teach people shit like you have to have lights on during the rain. The left lane is a passing lane. Why r there idiots everywhere who don’t know the law.

  8. Just yesterday, my buddy and I were driving in the rain in Maryland as evening was approaching. In this state, you’re supposed to have headlights on if your wipers are on. We must have counted over a dozen cars in heavy rush-hour traffic within 15 minutes on the interstate that did not have headlights on. Even if it wasn’t for the rain, it was getting dark enough you should have had your lights on anyway.

    FUCK these morons.

  9. Even better: just make it a habit to always turn your lights on. Make it part of your routine: ignition, seatbelt, lights or whatever.

    “But I can see fine!” No shit dumbass, it’s so OTHERS can see YOU.

    And while we’re on the subject: TURN YOUR GODDAMN BRIGHTS OFF!! Why is this so difficult?

  10. Yea cars can’t see you either. Put yer lights on. Idk why automatic lights isn’t in all vehicles yet. My 2014 Ford has automatic lights. My gf’s 2017 hondai doesn’t. Wtf

  11. Got crushed pulling out and making a left infront of an oncoming jeep grand Cherokee a few years ago. When the collision happened it was raining, almost dark, the driver had no lights on and was in a dark colored vehicle. Didn’t see him at all. Could/should have killed me.

    Told the cop what happened and was told the accident was still my fault. Had to pay for the devaluation of the vehicle getting pieced together with after market parts (refurbished transmission included) and the inflated insurance premium I’m paying years later. Also, the tow, deductible, and car rental.

    Instances like this should be held against drivers permanently. Points and infractions shouldn’t just disappear. They should accumulate over time and at a certain point driving privileges should be revoked. Higher points accrued for near manslaughter situations, construction zones, hit pedestrians, etc…Then people would be more accountable.

  12. I’m so glad my Kia let’s me just leave my lights on all the time, turning them off automatically when I turn off the car. Next time I start it, they just come right back on.

    Lights don’t only make you more visible in the rain, but also on dreary days when your car is the same color as the road.

    Also, if the sun is shining really brightly into the eyes of oncoming traffic, your lights make you more visible.

    So you need your lights on at night, when it’s raining, when it’s dreary, and when it’s sunny. = All the time.


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