On this episode of America’s Lawyer, Mike Papantonio and Carol Moore talk about an investigation that found hazardous chemicals in regularly consumed foods and drinks in America. Anya Parampil then details how the Corona beer producer is aiming to take the water rights of Mexicali residents. Then Mollye Barrows talks about how the IRS won its case to review thousands of accounts from the digital bank known as Coinbase.

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RT America : Wine and Oreo’s Contaminated With Monsanto Chemicals | America’s Lawyer on RT America |


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  1. I love this channel I've been battling with non hodgkin's lymphoma for a year and a half now and it's not clear if I will ever be cancer free I worked with round up for years and I can't believe these criminals and what they did to me a thousands others keep up the hard work investigating this

  2. Monsanto is all based off the doctrine of "substantial equivalence", basically GMO are substantially equivalent to open pollinated species without having any research to back it up. Anyone with a brain knows this is pure BS. The scientists & executives should become organ & blood donors to folks that are terminally affected by their toxic garbage. Absolute tragedy, that not only spreads up/down the food chain but has irreparably done harm to the gene pool in open pollinated species & the human population.

  3. I started buying organic brand o’s for my kids but glyphosate use is so pervasive that it’s hard to avoid if you want to eat. And discerning management of water rights will be increasingly crucial due to climate change.

  4. 1 part per trillion is found to be damaging
    It has been found at rates of 23 parts per billion in many common wines and beers that were tested…
    That is 23,000 time more than the amount found to be damaging….. NOPE. NOTHING TO SEE HERE. GO BACK TO SLEEP AND WATCH THE NFL….

  5. It's funny how the tag at 3:19 shows that they're eliminating Japanese Knotweed when in-fact it is higher in resveratrol than basically any other plant and is amazingly healthy. I wish I had some Japanese Knotweed growing in my yard.


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