Wife is out of town this week. Kids are in bed. Welcome back to the bachelors life!

Wife is out of town this week. Kids are in bed. Welcome back to the bachelors life!

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  1. Wow, I remember a decade ago when I felt this way about a bottle of Glenlivet and BioShock. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    Edit: a decade before that it was Tomb Raider and Bud Ice. Another decade back it was Dr Pepper and Zelda II.

  2. Didn’t your wife give you a whole list of chores?

    Mine does which really makes gaming more enjoyable – nothing like procrastinating and ignoring all of life’s problems again with some awesome games. And then doing 90% of them in the last two hours before she gets back.

  3. Serious question from a single 30 year old with no children. Is it may be just better to stay single? I’ve got a good job, I do whatever the fuck I want, I look good doing it….. But my uterus is drying up like a raisin. So apparently I have to decide my entire future in the next like 5 years.

    Kids: Worth it?

    Edit: wow I am getting a lot of PM’s about this.

  4. Any suggestions on a good starter scotch? Something balanced that will help me find my preference. I *really* enjoy my bourbon but I’ve never given scotch a fair shake.

    Looks like fun by the way. Nothing relaxes me like a quiet night in with a drink and a good game.

  5. Lol spend a couple hours setting up the picture, taking it, making sure it’s perfect, uploading it, thinking of a headline, then refreshing over and over…now time for bed. At least you got to the first town maybe:)

  6. This seems like a great idea, but I’ve been there and done that with many a game. It’s no fun waking up absolutely forgetting everything you accomplished and experienced because you were black out drunk.

    It’s great if you can hit that sweet spot and keep it going, but I’m no good at that.

    I end up making a bowl of pasta, eat and hit the sack. I’m guessing pasta because it’s so easy. I have been known to make a mean London broil and roasted vegetables while trashed tho.

  7. Mate! I’m in your exact same position and did exactly this the other night. Lasted like 2 sub quests before i said damn this game is huge and the load times too long, got tired and went to bed. Living the dream.

  8. Dude, download the “wolf armor pack” before you start a game otherwise it doesn’t work. Also get the rest of the free dlcs, one gives geraldo “finisher” animations.


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