A Day In The Life of a Mortgage Protection Final Expense, Annuities and IUL Advanced Market Agent in a Leads Based Sales Opportunity.

This week I discuss Why I Don’t Quit my IM, picking up on a video on YouTube called Why I Quit (SFG), I want to discuss a better way of thinking which is Why I Don’t Quit rather than all the reasons why someone should.

Here I discuss all the reasons why I have been in this great opportunity called Financial Services.

Everyone has reasons why they could quit, I tell you why you shouldn’t on this video and as always I discuss some facts here and allow you to decide for yourself if this is for you.

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Selling Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, and Retirement Protection and Annuities.

In any business, we have to advertise to get customers into our stores to buy our products, but the IMO ( Insurance Marketing Organizations do that for us, but are all IMO’s the same? Categorically NO, and I discuss why, it is critical to your success.

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17 items and we share them in this video.

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Call me and let’s set up a time to discuss, the 10 Things you need to know before you sign with an IMO and what I feel is The Agency Difference, we can then discuss Compensation plan, income case studies and examples, carriers we use and contracting guidelines.

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Watch This Now: “Is Mortgage Protection and Final Expense Sales the Perfect Business for you?”

Steve Houston : Why I Don’t Quit Mortgage Protection and Final Expense Sales


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  1. Steve, I have been in the Industry for over 8 + years, Individual and groups but I love this business, and have the most respect and passion for it, I believe in what we do.
    I do believe in this business model, leads generated with mortgage, final expense, and IUL/tax-free retirement strategies, BUT currently I am looking for the best IMO that can provide me all the support you mentioned to be successful in no time depending how much I put in.
    So I have your number and email and will contact shortly.
    Many thanks.

  2. Hello steve , I am one of those who is looking to make a change to the industry and have been doing research SFG is on my research list. Talking to a new person where would you suggest other than SFG


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