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Why is apple cider vinegar not helping you lose weight?! The answer to my most asked question is finally here….

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Paige Mariah : Why Apple Cider Vinegar Is Not Helping YOU Lose Weight | PAIGE MARIAH

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  1. Keto is not a fad diet. I lost 53 kg in a period of a year and 6 months on keto. Its a healthy way of eating, not just for weight loss, but to obtain ultimate health. It has great health benefits as well.

  2. Acv, helps your digestive system…your gut. Bloating…that's a plus😀 my blood pressure good and cholesterol levels 125. Hdl49,Ldl62, My electrolytes check every 3 months. Down 40kg…Wow! It takes hard work, dedication. Thank you God.

  3. I don’t drink it for weight loss. But it does help suppress my hunger. But I mostly drink it because I have acid reflux. Ever since I started drinking it I notice it help me not have acid reflux so much.

  4. Thanks for stating that acv is not a miracle cure-all for weight loss…but it does assist, but like with everything you have to put an effort in as well. Decrease calories…increase activity. Loved your intro video…that said it all!😏 Be Blessed!

  5. i have a problem in my country i cannot find apple cider "The Mother" but there r many other kinds that are expensive and natural also but not written on it the mother and it's 100% natural so the question is it ok and i use ?

  6. You are a Major help and motivator for black women especially because black people have so many health issues ( due to lack of exercise , not eating healthier and not being consistent ) It's like talking to a brick wall tryna explain to people that acv alone is not going to do all the work including my mother 🙄😂 ty 🙌🏾


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