In this video, we talk about why getting a computer science degree WON’T get you a high-paying job.

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FrenchToast Philip : Why a Computer Science Degree WON’T Get You a High Paying Job



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  1. I agree, you see so many It people who make a mess of everything simply because they are like whatever. They don't really like computers ! I went to study for computers more then 10 years ago, not because of the money but because i loved computers. My parents were like if you like it do it, but we think you can do better at other fields. But i still followed my heart, and I am currently working at one of the largest IT companies of my country. I also have many job offers from large companies outside of the country. 🙂 It is just because i love what i do, it is same like cooking some people are soo good at it because they love doing it!


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