When you're still learning the controls to a new game and press the wrong button

When you’re still learning the controls to a new game and press the wrong button

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  1. Legit, I had a random npc engagement where 2 guys were beating someone up. One on each side and this defenceless guy in the middle. I drew my gun, dead eyed and accidentally shot all 3 of them. The lawmen came and I went to surrender, but instead of talking to them I accidentally hip fired at the guy and killed him.

    I ran away whilst being shot trying to figure out wtf just happened and how to stop it getting worse…I was so busy running and thinking that I didn’t see the cliff edge in the dark and ran right off it and died. I had to pay $32.50 for the bounty, I only had $30…

    I went hunting and sold some hides and walked into the sheriff office to pay my bounty and instead he gave me a bounty to hunt…I later learned I have to go to the station/post office place to pay off my bounty.

    All because I wanted to help some guy and messed it up

  2. This is my wife playing just about any game.

    Her: Whose this guy? He looks cool.

    Me: That’s Lucas Simms, the town sherriff…I wouldnt shoot h…


    Her: Ooops. What happens now?!

    Me: You run.

  3. Lmao. Damn.

    I went and bought a show ticket in that Valentine town, somehow holding L2 to interact with the Cashier made me whip out my gun. 10 seconds later bounty on my head. 45 seconds after that I was being chased. Crashed my Horse into a tree. Got ambushed and shot to death. I felt violated.

  4. Reminds me of GTA San Andreas. There was a side mission where you had to take a lady on a date. Step 1 is to present her with a bouquet of flowers. I could not figure out how to do that, so every time I gave her a massive beat-down with those flowers.
    It was a date-ender every time.

  5. It has been pretty rough transitioning from weeks of Assasin’s Creed to this completely different control scheme. I keep wanting to climb mountains and wind up sliding down and dying.

  6. Hahaha dude. I just accidentally grabbed a women which started a bar fight in which the bar tender was shot dead and I was blamed for the murder and had to flee town… it’s rough out west

  7. I was riding through town, on my way to another destination, when a dog I had previously interacted with saw me passing by. I had pet him the other day, so he recognized me and ran off the porch to follow me. I was so fucking excited to play with this little pupper that I jumped off of my horse as quick as possible and out of knee jerk reaction…pressed RT and quick drew my pistol, shooting it. I was so fucking mortified, I actually turned off my Xbox to prevent an autosave and erase the event from history.

  8. I had a similar learning experience in RDR1. I left my first horse on top of a mountain and ran to the bottom. I called for my horse. He jumped off the mountain and fell right in front of me. In a panic, I tried to make my horse get up and watched in horror as I got my knife out and skinned it.

    That was a very sad walk back to town.


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