When you spend your food money on RDR2

When you spend your food money on RDR2

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  1. Oregano pork lions with a side of thyme flavored pheasant breast washed down with a fine brandy.

    Yup. Even the horse eats better…fresh picked berries, vegetables, and oatcakes.

  2. I ate 7 meals of fried catfish and potatoes to fatten Aurthur up as he was “underweight.” Not only did he not get sick, he was “average” weight the next time I checked. Wish I could do that IRL.

  3. That lad is very handsome. I’m not gay though don’t call me gay I just thought ‘whoa, that’s a handsome lad!’ when I saw him. Doesn’t mean I’m gay or anything I was just somewhat taken aback and wanted to make a comment about it is all. thanks 4 reading


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