We look at a recent credit card upgrade I did, and why I did it…
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The Credit Shifu : When is a Credit Card Upgrade Better than a New Application?



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  1. Just tried to upgrade my Capital One Quicksilver 1.5% rewards card to a new Savor One 3% no annual fee card. Declined. Supervisor…decline confirmed/upheld. Mind you, I've had an account with them for 5+ years and an 800FICO score. Capital One is a terrible company to deal with. They are OK if you are starting out, but if you move up in the world, they do not seem motivated to keep pace. Chase on the other hand is FAR more eager to please. Limit increase, card consolidation, limit moves from 1 card to another, upgrade, downgrade, new cards — whatever you desire.

  2. Would it be better to have one credit card with a higher average age of accounts, or two credit (paid on time) with a shorter average age of accountsy? I have 5 years average age of accounts

  3. I've been watching your videos since I started trying to rebuild my credit. After opening a card per your suggestion and paying it on time, I've raised my credit 100 points, thank you!!

  4. Thanks a Bunch Credit Shifu, Literally just did this. Had the platinum mastercard and upgraded to Quicksilver with no hassle whats so ever. Can get the 1.5% cash back now. Process was too easy, thanks again for the advice.

  5. Credit Shifu you have been very helpful building my credit.!
    I have a few questions hopefully you have the answer.
    I have a credit score of 760 with Equifax 745 with transunion and 670 with FICO. Why is my fico score so low? I want the venture card from capital one, which credit company do they use to look at your information and decide if you qualify or not? I have the platinum card from capital one and the quick silver one. Can I do product change to the venture or at least a better card with out the 49 dollars of annual fee from the quicksilver?

  6. I'm so glad I watch this video a few videos back I was thinking oh I really want a video on that new save your card and you mentioned that you already did a video on it. Yay me for accidental research!

  7. Hey Shifu! I'm in a similar situation to you, new resident to the US who has great credit at home but needs to build credit here, what is the likelihood that capital one would approve a new resident for the quicksilver? Our household income is a fair bit above the national average. Thanks for the great videos!

  8. Hey Credit Shifu, just a heads up cover the numbers on your credit cards with electrical tape or something so you don't have to work about finger placement when showing your cards.

  9. I got excited but then I found out they never changed my card from secured. They just gave me a credit increase… When I asked they said they will be offering to make my card unsecure sometime in the future, but soon may likely give me a credit line increase since I haven't missed a payment in 2 years. I will get a credit increase before I get changed from unsecure so lame. so at least another year.

  10. The QuickSilver World Elite Mastercard is awesome. I have one and the points add up daily, instead of at the end of the month, like on other cards. Im sure you have noticed that already. Anyways great info man !

  11. Hello , I got the same problem with capital one platinum, in 4 years a got 2 month late & capital one won't give me line increase, I ask about credit card upgrade and that either, what can I du then I don't really want to close the 4 years account. thanks

  12. I have the same option to upgrade so identical situation, however, are you still getting 12 or 18 month 0% Apr no fee balance transfer offers from them with the quicksilver? Because honestly, I think that's why they want me to upgrade, not to mention some arcane grandfathered protection I may be unaware off they are trying to get rid of

  13. I just called up Wells Fargo to try to do this since I am in the same predicament. Unfortunately, they require you to close out the existing card in order to open up a new one, so it's not worth it. I am heading to the branch today to see if it's different if I see them and will update this post with the results.


    i have an old capital one platinum card that has everyday cash back 1.5%
    i want to do an upgrade but was only offered the capital venture one card which offers 1.25 miles per dollar spent

    i do travel a lot.

    but which card is more beneficial ? i’m thinking the platinum card but not all the way sure.

    HELP !!!! ❤️

  15. I did the upgrade from platinum…I got my card and it says the regular quicksilver but it’s a MasterCard…on the website it says MasterCard is for quicksilver one and visa is for regular quicksilver…what does yours say and is there a reason for this?


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