When a Black Leopard sees his favorite zookeeper

When a Black Leopard sees his favorite zookeeper

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  1. I want to say this, though I’m not sure how true it technically is.

    Humans are creatures of immense potential, I think that is what defines us. Not inherently good, nor inherently evil. Just incredible potential for both.

    One of the beautiful manifestations of our potential for good is the ability to *draw out* affection and trust across species. I don’t think a panther generally gets to love and trust another species, ever. The fact that we are able to cultivate relationships like this with so many different animals boggles my mind and overwhelms my heart.

  2. That’s a sturdy gal. That cat has to weigh at least as much as her and she catches and cuddles it like a house cat.
    Edit: ok people calm down I rewatched it and the cat is not as big as I originally thought.
    I stand by the sturdy bit, Ive been tackled by my sisters 60 lb vizsla puppy and he knocked me and my computer chair over.

  3. These people are always so calm. A big ass cat comes barreling at me full speed, I’m throwing the camera guy in front of it. Telling me bullshit about how you bottle fed him from a baby and he’d never harm a hair on your head. People are damn crazy


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