You’re probably new to real estate, aren’t you? If you want to know all things real estate, you have found the perfect channel for you. In this video, Stephen Michael Miller, discusses what a mortgage is and the kinds of mortgage.

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Kris Krohn – Limitless TV : What Is A Mortgage?




  1. If you only keep a rental property for 5 years and have a 30 year mortgage how does that work. Do you transfer the mortgage to the next buyer or keep paying off the mortgage over the next 25 years?

  2. Yes stephen i have seen the video more than once. I still dont understand how kris was able to get a second house while still owing the bank. Its wonderful magic and i wish i had the skill. Also, the home owner equity leverage loan is something im hearing for the first time. Is it a term used only in usa? Because i do not live in the usa

  3. Hi stephen, great content as always. How can one get into real estate without money. Because the banks always say there needs to be money. I listened to kris say all his mentor told him was a to have three things, a good credit, money and some transaction experience. I know to some people it can be easy to get these things, but for a majority its unattainable. Is there any other way to get into real estate without having money?


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