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Hi guys! Today’s video has been highly requested and I’ve wanted to make a video on what I regret about getting a breast augmentation for so long, so I thought I would film it today! I help answer the questions of can you nurse with a breast augmentation and what the pros and cons are of undergoing this type of plastic surgery. I hope it helps answer your questions in some way! Comment below with any other questions you might have! xx



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  1. I have breast implant illness from my 15 year old saline implants. I regret getting them done if I knew then what I know now. They reck havoc in the body!!! Waiting for my explant to get rid of these toxic bags!!!

  2. Did you not research and consider all these studies and risks of breast implants before getting implants??? It’s a breast augmentation. Of course there will be risks for breastfeeding! If it was “such a priority” to breastfeed you would have done the research BEFORE your breast augmentation-or wait until you’re done having babies. This is a terrible and misleading video.

  3. You are wise beyond your years! Lol… unfortunately especially with younger viewers your message may not get totally through but I have to agree on so many of your points. When we are young we think we have life figured out and our priorities are so different. And you have no idea how your mindset will change as you get older. That said, if 1 girl out there listens to your point of view and at least makes an educated decision about her future, you should feel you accomplished and awesome task!
    I am in my mid thirties and just had my 4th baby 2 months ago. My body is pretty disproportionate and I’ve always had larger hips and thighs and very small boobs and smaller torso. I was so self conscious about it and always thought I would get a boob job some day. I’m also too cautious for my own good sometimes and always thinking of the negatives, so I never went through with it when I was younger because BF was important to me, or so I thought. After having 4 kids and bf all of them I learned how freakin important it has been, much more than I would’ve anticipated. And on top of that, my priorities did change, A LOT!!! Very glad I didn’t make that decision when I was younger.
    After I’m finished BFing this baby, and maybe I have time to focus on my body again, weight loss, etc, I would consider doing a boob job (along with any other reconstructing these last 8 years have damaged on my body, lol) But yes!!! I do think your mind set changes and have to agree with so many things you said.

  4. Thank you. Good to find an open and honest video and that touches on the one thing most of us are going to be – mums or mums wanting to breastfeed. I had breastfed for 3 years now and want to get mine done and researching before I make the final decision. After watching your video I think I might wait another couple of years as I have such good milk makers I wouldn’t want to jeopardise it by having a boob job before having all my children. And also want to learn to love my small breast again. Sadly they very quickly lost the awesome fullness they had when I was breastfeeding, but waiting seems like a much better option than getting them done too hastily. Thanks again.

  5. Blah blah blah. I get it, but your problem I guess is that you didn't have your implants behind the breast muscle. Also I don't think it really matters at this point bc your right breast works just fine. That is the way YOUR body works. It's good that you wanted to share your thoughts but you mumble too much girl ☺ no hate ❤


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