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Amy Macedo : What I Eat In A Day To LOSE WEIGHT – How I Lost 47 lbs

how to lose weight


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  1. If y’all want to start losing weight by calorie counting please be careful. Less calories isn’t always good for you, starving your body of nutrients is super dangers and won’t do any wonder for your body. Once you slip up from the calorie routine you’ll end up gaining the weight back again. Counting calories turns into an obsession very quickly, so please be careful when you do calorie count.

  2. OMG you just saved my life. Lifesum is so much better than LoseIt. I can see the actual picture of what I have and also see the directions. I quit because it was so hard to continuously input information. I lost almost 50 pounds off lose it, but this makes it so much better. Also I am in love with your video. Using a calorie counter changes how you see food, and it changes the amount of what you put in your body. I'm a new subbie, and the rest of your video was cool too.

  3. I like you amy! But maybe trying using real, natural ingredients. like real syrup that isn't "lite"and full of chemicals.. even though it might help you lose weight.

  4. Stop focusing on calories so much and actually watch the foods you are consuming. Eat whole foods that will actually nourish your body and you will loose weight faster trust me, and you'll be able to eat more

  5. Now, THIS is a sustainable diet. Good for you for finding a plan that works for you, satisfies your cravings and has delicious “normal” food, not just chia seeds, hemp & quinoa! Bravo! 👏🏽

  6. Sure, you’ve lost weight… but many people will lose weight eating junk, as long as you are restricting your calories… Pancake mix, aunt jemima’s syrup, bottled dressing, microwave pizza, butter flavoured oil from a can… NOT nutritious or healthy food options. You are in no way nourishing your poor body. All these foods are filled with poison and toxins….


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