#ParentingTips: What are the Baby Must Haves at age: 4 to 8 months old

~Infant Toothbrush
It should be made of soft, rounded bristles to clean baby’s first teeth safely.

~Food Feeder
Hungry baby mouths to feed? Baby feeder helps baby to eat solids without choking.

~Pacifier Clip
Helps calm crying infants and lower risks of SIDS.

~Baby Bibs
Bibs a must-have when it comes to protecting baby’s clothes from food stains.

~Sleep Sack
Used to keep the baby safe, warm, comfortable, and lower risk of SIDS.

~Wooden Blocks
Help babies to develop their imagination & creativity to make whatever they wish.

Encourage babies to use & develop the muscles in their arms, legs, tummy, & back. Provide a great space to play

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~High Chair
Offers your child a location to consume meals that fits, safe, and protected.

~Car Seat
Always keep your baby safe when traveling.

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