What a terrible way to start your evening

What a terrible way to start your evening

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  1. I’ve had this happen to me. I had taken a mug out of the dishwasher still hot and poured a cold beer in it. Sat down to watch Braveheart, went to take a sip and plunk. Sploosh. Wet crotch.

  2. Rookie bartender mistake. Never pour cold beverage into a hot glass. If you’re out of dishes and have to use fresh from the washer glasses, cool with cool water and ice first!

    EDIT : well this blew up. To clarify, cold beer is much colder than cool water. The trick is to put the glass under the tap and run water over the outside, fill with ice and then with water. Or if you’re feeling extra lucky, stick the glass in the ice and rotate it, quickly cooling it. Though many believe sticking glass in ice is a huge no-no (which it is cuz it could break and you’d have to burn all the ice- not fun when it’s really busy) so probably not the best advice.

    Source : am a bartender.

  3. “My wife left me for my best friend, my dog ran away, the bank foreclosed on my house, and my finances are in ruins. But at least no one can take this nice cold mug of sweet refreshing beer away from m…”

  4. Some wizard from the future just saved him from being poisoned, and gave him a great story that he’ll never stop talking about.

    “…Yes Jim, and then the bottom just fell out and a whole beer spilled on you, we know.”

  5. This exact thing happened to me too, except I smashed it down and it sliced a minor artery in my hand/thumb. The girl across the table screamed when blood squirted out of my hand. 4hrs later when the a&e nurse took a look it squirted in her face.

  6. Had this happen to a coworker. At first I thought he was an idiot and spilt all his beer on himself and the floor when he went to take a drink. Turns out that it was a mug that just came out of the dishwasher and the cold beer was enough of a shock to pop the bottom right off of a solid glass mug.

  7. Had this happen to me with a full growler in my car. The bottom just broke without warning, and suddenly there was 64 ounces worth of beer in the foot area of the passenger seat of my car. Despite multiple shampooings, it smelled like beer until we sold that car, especially on hot days.

    At least it was the growler of the beer my husband picked. Mine was still fine.


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