Well this was a highlight of my day

Well this was a highlight of my day

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  1. r/KarmaCourt will reevaluate sentencing after breaking evidence has been presented to the courts. Please send out the subpoenas.

    EDIT: Paging JUDGE u/sashaatx
    EDIT 2: Paging Defendant u/palegeo

    EDIT 3: Defendant u/palegeo has deleted content exhibit A: https://www.reddit.com/r/funny/comments/a21rxz/well_this_was_a_highlight_of_my_day/?utm_source=reddit-android (thank you u/jimmyjett418 for your contribution)

    u/palegeo currently has a warrant out for his arrest.

    JUDGE u/Sashaatx could not be reached.

    Edit 4: u/Sashaatx finished her golf trip and thanks the public for their support of real OP.

  2. Update time?
    I texted him and we’ve been chatting on and off all day, I asked him if he’d like to see a movie with me (he said he loves movies) and he said yes.
    So we’re gonna go tomorrow but haven’t decided on a movie yet

  3. I love how the note implies that the guy who wrote it was pretty certain you were gay and probably argued with his friend about it. 😂 Like maybe she noticed you and they both agreed you’re cute, fought over you a little and eventually he was like “Okay I’ll ask him out for you, but I’m going to ask him too because I’m telling you he’s gay”


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