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  1. Hey guys love this vlog the kids with Oscar was just super sweet love them soooo much!!!! They r both getting so big it’s crazy but the r both adorable!!! Love u guys see u next time xxoo

  2. Maybe you should spend one on one time with each of your babies and maybe you'll connect with alaya more. And it doesn't seem she hates you lol you're a great mom and everyone criticising should worry about their own problems!

  3. comment of the day!
    q: if you could go back in time and speak to yourselves at the time you were pregnant with Levi, what would you say?

    juicy juicy!!: I’ve been watching you for 3 years now and i love watching your family grow and watching Levi and Alaya grow up into amazing people! I always look forward to coming home and watching your videos! I love you guys so much!! Lots of Love, Hannah from New York

  4. The part when she had the purse wrapped around her neck and Kyra was like she is trying to choke herself I was like instead of vloging I would of maybe put the camera down took it off her neck. I know she was right there and was watching her, but all it takes is seconds for something to happen.

  5. Alaya hates you bc kylah acts like she's her mother and steals her from you all the time. Kylah is way obsessive…she needs to back off of YOUR daughter. If she wants a daughter then she can move out and have one


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