Hey guys! Today I’m interrupting my fall series to share our new baby chicks.. We’ve wanted to get chickens ever since we knew we’d have some property. Keep up with everything we’re up to on my instagram stories ..

I went with Rhode Island Reds & White Cochins (brown eggs), Patridge Easter Egger (green Eggs), White Legbar (blue eggs) & Silver Spangled Hamburg (white eggs)..

All of my chicken care supplies were purchased at Tractor Supply.

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Rachel Talbott : WE GOT BABY CHICKS!! + Our Set Up

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  1. I love having chickens! It's always good to put a little bit of apple cider vinegar in their water too😁 if you want to incorporate treats in their diets for them, grapes are good, you just have to cut them up. I always liked buying frozen corn for them in the summer as a cool snack for them 😁

  2. Congrats! I work at Tractor Supply and have gotten chicks there but I have really enjoyed My Pet Chicken for years. Their packaging is the best and although they are significantly more expensive than a feed store would be, the chickens end up being significantly more beautiful as well and I've never had an issue with incorrect sexing. You will need to be very careful introducing them outside while they are still young because although I live in New England now I grew up in California and those nights can get super chilly for young birds. The dust level in your house and smell will be insane very quickly so you're gonna wanna find a spot in the garage or basement for them. I recommend the compressed straw at tractor supply (usually in the equine aisle) for for nesting and bedding as well as the white bags of pine shavings, the compressed straw is soft and smells so nice. One more thing is to make sure you dust your heat lamps because i've seen some nasty fires in barns due to them being too hot and close to hay and such. Chickens are the best pets you're gonna love it!

  3. So sweet! We’ve had backyard chickens for many years and they are so entertaining. Bit of advice…make sure that you and the boys hold them and interact with them daily at this age. We always did this (along with our 5 kids) and all of our chickens throughout the years have grown up to be very tame and comfortable with us, just like pets! We let them free-range outside of their pen during the months that we don’t have a garden planted and I love to take table scraps outside and whistle for them. They come running from all directions as they know what that whistle means!!

  4. Im so happy for you!! I had two Rhode Island chickens. They would lay eggs everyday. People thought I was the crazy girl with the chickens they even Called me the chicken whisperer but I really built a relationship with them . They were smart I mean really smart. I would tap my lap and they would jump on. They would go in the house from time to time which my mom hated lol. My dad didn’t mind bc he know worse case they would poop on his tile lol. But just like a dog they were my pets!! I miss them so much!!


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