We all struggle as parents. We often are handed things we never expected to have to deal with as parents, whether related to our children or not, and then we have to somehow figure out how to parent on top of it or in spite of it. Parenting is HARD. So many of us often have no clue what we are doing and feel as though we are failing our children. We are here today to build you up and hopefully make you feel a little bit better!

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Work Life Glue : Watch This When You are Struggling as a Parent | PARENTING PEP TALK

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  1. Thank you San and Sarah! This is such a great message for parents!!!!!! You guys are doing a great job with your kids ❤️ I’m actually in tears right now. This is absolutely what I needed to hear today. Thank you both!

  2. Thank you for the great video. I have two kids and I'm currently working toward opening up my own home daycare. Even though I don't work I still sometimes struggle with keeping everything clean while still providing fun activities and crafts for my kids. Especially with a baby who doesn't understand the purpose of taking naps lol. So occasionally I have doubts that I could make it as a daycare provider. However, this and you're other videos help to encourage me not to give up. I truly appreciate you guys talking the time to make these videos.

  3. Thanks for this!! People are soo judgmental and it's ridiculous!! I have 6 kids and 2 w special needs!! They have physical disabilities and are going blind!! Just love your kids!!!!! No matter what esp when they make mistakes!!!!!

  4. I think this was another good positive video from you guys and as usual I gave it a thumbs up 😀👍🏻 the only thing I disagree with is the idea of being in an abusive relationship (domestic violence) where you and or the kids are being exposed/subjected to violence. If that parent isn't trying to actively get away from that situation and seeking help then I can't say they are doing a good job. I understand the terror and difficulty these situations present but protecting children comes before everything. I have personal experience with this and I do understand the complexities.

  5. Yes! And remember that kids go through phases, so if at 3 they’re a little tough to parent….when they’re 5 they will probably be so easy, fun,-loving and helpful (kindergarten age is my jam)! Great job Sarah and San!

  6. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! Great video! I like how you guys talk about accepting failure as a parent, and accepting that you'll fail your kids every once in a while. I'm not a parent yet, but this seems like something very important to be cognizant of. I think being accepting of these facts will also help your kids grow into strong, accepting, and realistic individuals.

    But San's face @ 1:54! Now I'm interested in parenting mishaps storytime videos!

  7. What an awesome video… You guys should be motivational speakers as you are very much motivational speakers! I do not have any biological children but the message you are sending here is great anyway. Everyone needs to be reminded that they are doing a good job no matter what! Follow the path that God has laid out for you and you will be doing the best you can every. Single. Day!

  8. As grand parents, my hubby and I enjoyed watching and remembering our parenting days. We were lost and it would of been helpful to hear this pep talk every now and again. I’m so glad my hubby sat with me to take a listen to this video. Now we will share this video, with our daughter who has 3 kiddos. Because we think she’s doing a great job, even though she goes through these challenges. This video will encourage her. Keep up the WLG. Nuggets of truth to help along the way.

  9. Unbelievably amazing message, you have infused me with hope and peace. I’m saving your video to replay every single morning (and every time during each day when I’m totally overwhelmed with my son, he’s 2 and 1/2🤪),, Thank you 🙏🏽

  10. You guys are so right on! ❤️ I feel like love and connection are the top priorities…even those can be hard too! We're all in this together. 😉
    Total side note…how do you make your thumbnails?

  11. Hi, this is just the video I needed. I know I'm a good mom, but sometimes a reminder like this is just what I needed o hear. Especially when people give you advice that aren't even parents!!! Thank you so much!


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