President Trump is in Missouri Thursday evening to rally for Republican Josh Hawley, who is challenging Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in an extremely close race that could determine party control of the Senate. This is the first of two times Mr. Trump is rallying in the state before Election Day; he is set to return to Missouri for his final pre-election rally on Monday evening.

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CBS News : Watch Live: President Donald Trump hosts ‘MAGA’ rally tonight in Columbia, Missouri | November 1

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  1. well Trump isn't paying for those far-right rallies. The Tax payers are. Basically he's stealing our money. This goes to show that Trump doesn't pay for anything. Trump is living off other folks money.

  2. It’s time to rebuild our beautiful country full of treasures. However, we cannot move forward until, we as nation, deal with the past. Those individuals dedicated their lives to practice corruption while the population faced poverty and crisis. It will be unfair to the Angolans if we see someone like JES or Isabel dos Santos walk way freely without the maximum penalty of life imprisonment. It was four decades of Political corruption, use of power to benefit Dos Santos’ family and his criminal group. The people were unhappy because of the extreme poverty, lack of the means necessary to meet basic people needs such as food, clothing, schools and hospitals. This is a crime against us which must not go unpunished, let us take a look at those corrupts for example: Tchizé Dos Santos, Manuel Vicente and many more lifestyle, then take a look at the population. How can we live without schools or better hospital? Where is bread and milk? The 2% don’t like our posts; well we are sick and tired of corrupt people like you all. It’s time to dream again it’s not too late to save our nation from the greed of people like Isabel dos Santos.

    É hora de reconstruir nosso lindo país cheio de tesouros. No entanto, não podemos avançar até que, como nação, lidemos com o passado. Esses indivíduos dedicaram suas vidas a praticar a corrupção enquanto a população enfrentava a pobreza e a crise. Será injusto para os angolanos se virmos alguém como JES ou Isabel dos Santos a andar livremente sem a pena máxima de prisão perpétua. Foram quatro décadas de corrupção política, uso do poder para beneficiar a família de Dos Santos e seu grupo criminoso. As pessoas estavam descontentes por causa da extrema pobreza, falta dos meios necessários para atender às necessidades básicas das pessoas, como alimentos, roupas, escolas e hospitais. Este é um crime contra nós que não deve ficar impune, vamos dar uma olhada no estilo de vida desses corruptos por exemplo: Tchizé Dos Santos, Manuel Vicente e muito mais, então dê uma olhada na população. Como podemos viver sem escola ou hospital? Onde está o pão e o leite? Os 2% não gostam de nossas postagens; bem estamos cansados de pessoas corruptas como todos vocês. É hora de sonhar novamente, não é tarde demais para salvar nossa nação da ganância de pessoas como Isabel dos Santos.

  3. Women take the brunt of illegal immigrants violence and they all need to teach themselves how to shoot because it is a total equalizer. It doesn't matter what sex you are when you are a shootist, Anie Oakley, in my opinion, is the greatest shootist of all time given the quality of the weaponry versus to today's guns. She did things that I guarantee you today's shootists couldn't do with the weapons that she had to use. It would be a good idea to learn how to get that weapon into your hand in the shortest possible time

  4. What he says is so vague and it seems like no one fact checks anything that falls out of his mouth, and if they do they just keep on believing what theyve heard from him although there is so much evidence that disproves a majority of the things he claims. Stop treating him like a king, he is a public servant and is supposed to listen to us and do what we say. Also josh hawley is actively fighting against the affordable care act while advertising that he is all for it, there should be some type of punishment for deceiving people like that. Most people would like the ACA and be all for it but they hear obamacare and want to burn everything down just bc of the nickname. They will strip you of your insurance and ssi. If you stand for either one of these fools you are just as arrogant and ignorant as them and shows just how bad your character is.

  5. Obama and h Clinton know and can speak the way con artist lair psychopath Mafia Trump Hitler did and does as criminal, unethical and immoral polices. Obama and h Clinton did USA first all the time but they don't mention openly to the world because USA have bullied and bullies many other countries mostly and historically. See USA invasions to Vietnam , other Asia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and etc and have helped British colony invasions around the world in history. USA is owned by native red Indian. Australia is owned by native Aborigine. What is happened now. White supremacy is still now bullying and bullying around the world from Obama created America superpower by idiot laughable D Trump, criminal.

  6. With love from Holland!🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺❤️ Im following you day and nite. MAGA! WE WILL WIN: NOT tired of that mr President 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 But dont let that wildebeastmen in: they will say I AM in the USA and I want a lawyer, and every day a meal; ‼️‼️‼️😜🐽🤮TX to the taxpayers, dont be too soft please!?


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