Hey guys,

If you are new here, then welcome and thank you for choosing me. If this is not your first time, then welcome back and thank you again for continuing to watch my crazy ass. Today I’ve got a vlog for you and I hope you guys enjoy it.

Zuziwe Gcuku : Vlog | Parenting Is No Joke | #YouTubeZATour

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  1. Nannies are the worst 😂😂🙈 but Sana le yakho isibindi sakhe sinewele Sana! 😂😂Job ka Wazi ziLevels Sana, hope he got better.
    May I please ask what do you use on your face?

  2. Oh my word! YOOOUUU!! I can’t believe this is you. This was you. And just because I wasn’t sure of your name and everything, I wasn’t sure if you were the you I thought you were. 😭✨✨✨✨🔥🔥


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