UPS in Italy uses these

UPS in Italy uses these “bicycle trucks” to deliver packages to places in narrow streets of Rome

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  1. You should post this over at /r/bicycling. They’ll probably give you shit for not having the pic be of the drive side, but it’s uniqueness might allow it to slide.

  2. I remember walking the streets of Florence, all their amazing doors, and I instantly started laughing when I saw a familiar UPS note on a door that a package required a signature and no one was home. It instantly made this amazing, foreign place feel a little more like someone’s home.

  3. Holy shit, I’m Italian and I had never seen one of those things before now. So I googled it and discovered why: it’s an experiment, limited to certain areas of Rome (from Piazza del Popolo to Piazza del Tridente and Piazza di Spagna). The Rome division of UPS only has one of those tricycles, and uses regular trucks for the rest of the city.

  4. What great service. In North America we cant even get them to wait 10 seconds for you to get to the door. If you lived on a street too small for the truck they would just make you pick it up at the depot half way across the city.


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