Tummy Time for Newborns tips for success! ****CLICK HERE for your FREE Developmental Milestone chart: http://eepurl.com/dBZ3J5 In this video you will learn how to use pillows, exercise balls, toys, and yourself during tummy time; and how to easily avoid positional plagiocephaly.

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Kids OT Help : Tummy Time for Newborns

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  1. Very helpful!!! I loved the tips and pointers. I also would have never thought of using a blanket or towel as a boppy pillow :)) mines late with shipping so I’m glad I’ll have a good substitute in the meantime.

  2. It was an awesome video thank you for sharing as I had the perception that baby’s should not be put upside down.
    I am worried for the constipation of my 20 days girl who is on formula and we have change it thrice on pedi’s advise. But my child is still in pain. Please please guide me with it or can this tummy time help her in constipation?
    Your reply is much appreciated.

  3. Hi, I have some questions. I am FT mom. My 3 months old baby has a flat head and bald spots on the centre. Is my baby head permanent with that shape? What can i do to change it? And will the bald spots grow hair in time to come? If so, how long will it take? Anything i can put for the hair to grow fast? Thank you in advance! 😁

  4. I love your videos!! I am a PT and have things I’d love to put out there to share as well because so many people have little nagging aches & discomforts but aren’t severe enough to seek treatment yet don’t know how to correct and prevent worsening on their own. I’d love to pick your brain if you ever have a moment. Like how far in advance of posting a video do you plan it out? Do you know right now for instance what next weeks videos will be? And how did you even get started doing these? You are very organized and easy to follow. Your flow through your information is flawless!

  5. This is a great video, however we did tummy time with my son and he wasn't on his back unless for naps and still had a flat spot, funny enough my dad also had a flat spot, so if your child does get a flat spot and you've done everything don't feel bad if you have to have a shaping helmet! It happens! My doctor told me you could do all the right things and it still can happen ❤️


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