The president’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, insisted they have nothing to hide, but also gave a new reason why Trump shouldn’t have an interview with Robert Mueller on the Russia investigation.

ABC News : Trump’s lead attorney gives a new reason not to testify in the Russia investigation



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  1. Most of the people here are not getting what Giuliani is saying…. .. Do some digging on how masters of manipulating words can convince you that white is not white but in the particular event at hand it is black just to get the outcome they are aiming for, and remember "The Special Counsel" is a *VERY SPECIAL COUNSEL…… !!!* not that they are after one and only one outcome…. (just saying)

  2. AMERICA FIRST: The same voting process that elected Barack Obama President also elected Donald J. TRUMP President. TRUMP is Americas’ choice for President and he was Inaugurated President on Jan. 20, 2017. America and the world acknowledged this. In four years, if America wants change, TRUMP can be replaced! This is how it works in America and the Free World! The Worst Alternative: DNC Socialism! Mission: Preserve “Real News” for Real Americans and Insure Real Americans Can Access Real News! Thank you, for your countless comments of support for this “Real News”! Please, do your own research!

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    Fact: Had Clinton been elected, Obama and DNC wouldn’t have started their seditious Attack on TRUMP! FBI & DNC getting Russian dirt on TRUMP Is OK, but, TRUMP getting Russian dirt on Clinton. Is Not OK! FISA wasn’t told DNC and FBI Paid for Dossier by Steele and DAG B Ohr’s wife N Ohr, from Fusion GPS! Obama used flawed FBI Dossier and Illegal FISA Warrant to Order Illegal Russian TRUMP Investigation! What Obama, Clinton, DNC, FBI, FISA & Others Chose to do is Seditious at best, most likely Treasonous!

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    Fact: President Victory Isn’t an Offence! Seditious Acts by Political Elitists & Others is Indictable Offence! House Intelligence Request to End Illegal Russian TRUMP Investigation Blocked by Seditious Politicians! A Government Sedition / Treason Investigation Will Expose Illegal Russian Trump Investigation Criminals! Sedition Laws cover Offenses that Lead to Acts that Undermine the Government or the National Security!

    Fact: FBI Finally Fired Strzok! This leaves no doubt FBI Participated in Impeach America’s President Plot! President denied Muller’s Request to be FBI Director! Mueller failed to recuse himself as Special Council! Mueller’s FBI raids of President’s Lawyer’s Office and Home are also illegal, due to Illegal FISA Warrants! All of Mueller Actions and plea bargaining done to/by charged Individuals are Void due to Illegal warrant!

    Fact: Illegal Russian TRUMP Investigation will be The Greatest Waste of American Tax Dollars and Time! Fact: Mueller and his team have been at this for two years! They’re treating this like their retirement plan! Illegal Russian TRUMP Investigation must be dismissed! FBI Planed and Plotted to Impeach President! Illegal Russian TRUMP Investigation must be dismissed due to “Clean Hands” and Unethical Practices! Illegal Russian TRUMP Investigation must be dismissed, with prejudice, due to the Illegal FISA Warrants!

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  3. I understand why he won´t testify. Keeping track of all his lies is difficult in the long run, so it´s better to stay away. Better to stay on Twitter and spew out his ad hominems.

  4. Remember back in May potus saying FBI had a spy/plant in the white house? I think Nunes must have got wind of this during his covert operations. Maybe McGahn was the plant. And could McGahn be the leaker of the most sensitive information like "don't congratulate Putin"? We need a new timeline regarding some of this as a visual.

  5. Sophie Scholl: freedom of speech, freedom of confession, protection of the individual citizen from the arbitrariness of criminal states of violence, these are the foundations of the new Europe.

  6. Donald Trump has never been honest! He has operated money laundering for the Russian mafia, and many other laws broken !? He has not paid his debts and has repeatedly threatened others with lawsuits that could not afford to fight for their right! Poor America !!!!!!!!!

  7. press defends demand for Manafort juror contact info. Judge threatened requiring security. Jury tampering is a federal offense. Are the media audiences INSANE to keep following this media

  8. " I ran out of gas. I… I had a flat tire. I didn't have enough money for cab fare. My tux didn't come back from the cleaners. An old friend came in from out of town. Someone stole my car. There was an earthquake. A terrible flood. Locusts. It wasn't my fault. I swear to god!"

  9. Aldous Huxley 1962 Berkeley lecture warned of "scientific dictatorship of future" with mass production of model human being controlled by tv single uniform message having them love their servitude. Your audience is proof that system has been in place for 60 years completely ignorant on gag orders for gov agencies to make public even objective info on earthquake volcano climate info to keep public uniformed and complacent that they all think like everyone else. Global info global research on use of our science to weaponize weather, do plasma research for ionospheric Alfven resonator research if finally making clear to independents that public is clueless

  10. I provided visa support for 500 soviet/kgb type visitors among thousands who came in 1991 for academic/business meetings like Dow Boeing, Weyerhaeuser, JPL, NASA houston stock exchange banks mining timber but two firebombing two dead bodies and Russ org went to NY. I kept mouth shut for 25 years and politicos like Cuomo Schiff Steph all know there were thousands of Russ business meetings for 25 YEARS but pretend for public consumption that ONE chance meeting at academic seminar is BIG deal. NOT afraid anymore because explosion at house of NJ witness to Clinton foundation witness was like firebombing of accountant I was supposed to meet to turn over financial file. I SAID NOTHING but after 25 years and names on visa list made news because of assassinations poisoning heart attacks Red Square hits jail just like witnesses to lawsuit against DNC in Fla I amNOT afraid after prosecution of Awan. Change since last year even tho judge in Manafort case has been threatened; even though jury has been threatened by press. Info is open. Even last year thousands of nuclear test info released by Lawrence Livermore Lab is proof to me secret info is getting out

  11. Exactly guys… Truth isn't truth. Fact isn't fact. Fake this. Fake that. I just don't know why Trump supporters with legitimate desires for the country continue to hang in there. Find somebody else. Isn't it so crystal clear that Trump is not the one? There is no doubt opposition is rapidly growing. He can never be a great President now, only a burden.


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