Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen says he made a $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels because that”s what friends are for.

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert : Trump’s Lawyer Paid Off Stormy Daniels Because He ‘Cares’




  1. 石殿期为貞旧众,知浮島众之贞修,,,。

  2. I never understood why it’s important that he slept with a porn star. He had extramarital sex while his wife was about to give birth. I don’t really care if she’s a porn star librarian or scientist it’s not ok

  3. Trump is Seriously a SICK MAN, Mentally AND No Joke Intended, Mentally Disturbed due to a Spoilt, Wealthy Upbringing.
    He only knows the meaning of 3 words, ME, MINE, & PUSSY.
    The world wonders why and how did a Bully & Thug become President, Only In America soon to become like Russia and China run by Al Capone Dictator type characters.

  4. This video came out on March 21 4days before Stormy Daniels claimed she actually spanked Prez Trump with a rolled up magazine! And no one caught that, everyone just went along with it…smh. 😮

  5. So Bill Clinton raped women, took advantage of a young intern in the Oval office while the libturd media kept saying "its only sex", but Trump is immoral? Disgusting Libtard hypocrites

  6. If I were in Donald Trump's position I would let the whore talk freely and she wouldn't get one nickel over the agreed upon amount. People have weaknesses however I won't kowtow to their demands and call their bluff.

  7. yeah but even If these accusations are true this was before he became the President. Bill Clinton who was the President actually got his cock sucked multiple times In the white house and nothing happened to him. WITCH HUNT

  8. And there’s more: Apparently Cheetofaced also had coitus with some ex-playmate(?) and used to pay her GREAT compliments…. like how she’s pretty “just like Ivanka”….🤢 (and yeah dude also tried to pay her cash too)

  9. So if a porn star gets $130,000 to be quiet, how much does the First Lady get to remain at his side for photo ops, public appearances, and just trying to smile when she's around the President? I mean any sane woman would have walked by now. It has to be one big chunk of change, maybe a home of her choice, a lifetime setup for her one son, and monthly cash forever! But then again she might have signed his pre-nup when they married. She could be back on the street doing nude photos again.

  10. Why's this prick still president? Bangin' porn girl, shady shit with commies, friend of nazis etc.etc…..and people acting like nothing's wrong with this. America deserves what's coming.


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