President Trump speaks out on replacing Justice Kennedy on the Supreme Court, the U.S. economy and trade deals in part 1 of his interview with Maria Bartiromo on ‘Sunday Morning Futures.’

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Fox News : Trump: SCOTUS pick will move quickly if I choose right person

donald trump

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  1. Trump is awesome. Tariffs might hurt some corporations short-term, but long-term they are good for the country. That is why Trump lowered the corporate tax rate at the same time, to alleviate that pain and make us more competitive on the world stage. Very smart man, looking out for our country first unlike the globalists Dems and RINOs.

  2. Come on Draft Dodging Donnie, you know your mind isn't on the SCOTUS pick. You're too busy creaming your panties over the meeting with your hero Putin. Uhhhhh, Ohhhh, give it to me me Vlady, the harder the better. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Remember how concerned they all were about Benghazi….? Yet no mention since Hillary was vanquished…Oh, except her 33,0000 fuckin emails and the continual drum beat from the (hopefully ) aneurysm in the head of Der Fuhrer.
    Reds in the Congress used to be a "bad" thing.

  4. God Bless President Trump for life! Thank you very much for sharing and God Bless All Righteous People Around The World and the unrighteous to seek God's face, While He may be Found for their Mercy and Salvation. Time is of the essence!

  5. America's problem is very simple. You've piled up enormous debt as a society and country, you've interfered with other countries, you stick your head in the sand and care only about binge watching Big Brother. You've been insulated from from the consequences of your own behaviour for FAR too long. Now…the chickens are coming home to roost. The party's over and now it's time to pay the dinner bill.

  6. The amount of Libshits in this comment feed claiming all of Trumps success comes from Obama is absurd. Haha You guys are in bizarro world! My life and my family's lives have dramatically changed for the better under President Trump! Under Obama I was starving! I got a $1500 bonus, I got a 20% pay rate raise, have more work and hours, take more home in my paycheck and feel much safer! That's what matters to me and most middle working class families! He has accomplished far more in under 2 years than i've seen any President in my life of 35 years. He is for America and for Americans! He has made history every step of the way and all you lefties do is try to detract and put obstacles up for this administration. You don't have to like the guy personally but you could at least respect the office and respect his accomplishments that have benefited all people in this country!

    Denuclearization and peace in the Korean peninsula and a historical agreement with N. Korea is a massive historical accomplishment that is great for the world! Job creation and booming record breaking markets! Unemployment at historic lows across the board and the lowest ever for blacks and hispanics! Wage growth and tax reform/cuts is great for every American and every American business! Securing our border and enforcing our laws while trying reform the process to allow immigration to be a better process for those coming in and for Americas safety! The left is hypocritical and fighting any resolution to the issues going on at the border just so they have 1 pressure point on the president that they can manipulate! Isis has been squashed and our Military has the support of this administration! He squashed the terrible Iran deal that Obama made. He has and is renegotiating trade deals. He is reforming regulations and is deregulating industries that have been strangled by government! Exposing deep state corruption amongst our government and weeding them out! He has been victim to the left and there illegal tactics and many of them will pay the price for it! The most transparent administration we've ever seen and directly communicates to the people on a daily basis! So much more but need I say more?

    Vote Republican Mid Terms! Trump 2020! Trump for Nobel Peace Prize!!

  7. Jason Emory , correction , the man is not low IQ , he’s effectively running this country , clearly smarter than all the liberals attacking him . You are a low information snowflake , try paying attention . Your opinion of him is not reality .

  8. Have them all move to California, build a wall around the state. Make it illegal for them to come back in the United States. Give them what they want and sit back and start laughing. PS keep all of Hollywood in there as well. Let them stand by there hate speeches.


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