When asked about Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, President Donald Trump said all he could do is ask the question to Russia President Vladimir Putin and said he wanted to know what happened to Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

CNN : Trump on election hacking: Don’t see why it would be Russia

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  1. You can't trust a guy who cheats to win get his country Olympic gold medals so why wouldn't he cheat to win his side of an election. I mean look at him! Its a shame he is in politics because an evil aura like that he would have many millions in Hollywood as a villian. As far as Trump is concerned, you just cant trust a rapist and sorry hes just to damn ugly for any camera!

  2. This lying orange turd is a disgrace. Impeachment will happen. That foolish, egomaniacal idiot isn't qualified to be president. He has controversy after controversy. Putin has something on him for sure, and it will eventually all come out. Trump is an immoral person.

  3. Of course Trump believes Putin. Well, not really but wanting to please Putin, that's the position Trump will stick to. Not sure what Putin is holding over Trump but maybe Russia is just promising to help keep him in office any way they can. Hopefully, Traitor Trump's days are numbered and the USA will once again be safe from adversarial influences and dictator wannabes. Presidents come and go. America is our home. Make the USA #1 over party politics.

  4. i'm wandering this for a while now. if the election procces of the presedent can be tempered with doesn't that mean that the same might be true for all elected officials ?

  5. Neither Trump or Putin support the politically incorrect platforms of Clinton's grandchildren's Great Uncle George Soros, Open Source Software and Chips; Unfortunately, Chase Manhattan Bank supports the illegal immigration of aethist NeoNazis and helps the Clinton's efforts trying to implode the Jacksonian Democratic Party stand against One National Bank like G. Soros when Hitler lost in the old Weimar Revolt. Support Obama & Clinton's "DACA" is just a smokescreen for Hillary to get the immigration of Soros' NeoNazis permitted.

  6. Now this dirt bag is saying he is concerned Russia will hack elections in favor of Democrats!!!! He is so sick and those who continue to believe him are worse. We need to load Trump, his creepy family, all his Fox news friends and p!ease that woman called judge Jeannine, onto a plain and send them all to Russia! No politician is honest but Trump is a dangerous bafoon!

  7. The first string of ramblings is the qualifier meant to undermine our own intelligence agency by suggesting they are corrupt and/or incompetent so that those shameful words that follow don't appear unreasonable – that he trusts GBU and a tyrant over our own people. He made 2 deflections in his comments on his set up because he knows those ugly words that will follow will enrage the world. He then makes an argument twice about how Putin is honest. Putin….the guy who uses chemical weapons on our streets, downed a passenger jet, invaded a country and is waging war on the fabric of our democracy – NATO Allies G7 Media Justices Democracy – just so he can invade other baltic nations later. He's already tried to assassinate Montenegros leader, he's murdered 14 journalists who reported on his corruption, he's jailed all candidates that dare run against him.

    I hope Putin does come….I'm betting a true patriot will put 2 bullets in his head when he arrives.

  8. Some narcissistic media just make stuff up today 'its total bull shit with no responsibility what so ever about positive resolution to be fair and just without prejudice creating chaos for a reality drama rating and also bias opposition politics the truth is america intimidates the world by their military strength ;its the whole capital greed of Geo economic politics hippocracy dishonesty enough come on what President Trump is doing is trying to find a middle ground of negotiating on different landscape for the future world peace and well being its a start ;its a process for a better change to humane civilized order first you have build a friendly trusting atmosphere and willing to share the benefits through a diplomatic compromise !!!

  9. Reading these libtard Troll comments makes me believe in Charlotte Iserbyts book the dumbing down of America…. Our president just ask the most logical questions…. where are the servers…. why not give them to the FBI to prove they where hacked….. but Debbie "Deepstate" Washerman-Schultz ripped them out of the walls and run down the street with them like a child lmao, it's not hacking if you click password and it let's you in, you fucking cucks. Do us the American working people a favor and move to Swedistan or Londonstan, anywhere else but America so you can find happiness. We dont want the people that follow this facist far left propaganda machine in our country. Pack up your 1 or 2 belongings and get the fuck out.
    Proud deplorable here


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