U.S. President Donald Trump is holding a news conference from the White House following the midterm elections.

The president repeatedly became irritated while taking questions from the media, insulting several reporters by name. Trump got particularly angry at CNN’s Jim Acosta. Watch the exchange at 27:05

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CBC News : Trump news conference following midterm elections

donald trump



  1. Personally I wouldn’t brag about the fact that no one would understand his tax returns, because if this is seriously the case then his tax returns are dodgy as your tax returns should be explainable pure and simple and if not, then there are definitely illegal and corrupted entries hence why he doesn’t want to share for full review!

  2. Dictator, dictator, want to be a flashy dictator… This is simply disgusting…. The imbecile 'knocks down' a Japanese reporter in an extremely prejudice way, doesn't even know who the president of Turkey is(a country very critical to our nation and the world), he avoids every question being asked as always, and simply talks about his victories… Nothing else; no policies, no plans, nothing… except his victory and how much people love him and he has to defend HIMSELF… A shame for this nation and the entire world…

  3. theres no healing the country ….. theres no fixing the divide……
    what they should be asking the president is….what are you going to do to make the dems happy…..when are you going to let the dems take over….
    dems not happy or get there way…they cry the country is divided …they are causing the division

    how many people you know that disliked obama but went along with there lives …..they weren't crying healing us…country is divided………….

  4. I didn't like this…Whether you love him or hate him, Pres.Trump didn't deserve this. Globally this whole display by the MSM journalists (Acosta, Alexander, April Ryan) was not a good look at all😵

  5. Such a disgrace to see citizens disrespect their elected leader in front of the whole world.
    Many Americans don't know how good their president is. Just a shame to see a nation that the free world admires, behave like a dysfunctional family.

  6. Gather a following. Build a base. Create an enemy. Make sure you tell everyone, no one can do what I do. Tell everyone I'm the best. There's no one better. Tell everyone those candidates that loss, took an L because they didn't embrace me. . . . . .

    These are not the actions of an individual who is looking to unite, these actions are to divide and separate.

  7. POTUS is a master chess player…
    He is always 2 moves ahead of the rest.
    He is very smart and regardless of what you think about Trump, he will win…
    The shoe's about to drop…
    Get ready!! Bc, what you don't know will hurt you. God bless POTUS!!!!

  8. I really want to invest my time paying attention to politics and listen to the speeches but jeez…. I'm barely holding on 11 minutes in, trying to find the reason why his lips are moving. He needs speech/communication classes


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