Triangle players rarely get a solo, but when they do...

Triangle players rarely get a solo, but when they do…

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  1. I once worked with a very musically talented Jamaican who, after years of auditions for various instruments, got a gig in the local orchestra playing the triangle- not his first choice. One day he came in super stressed looking. I said whats up…can’t handle the pressure of performing on stage?

    He says, ” you have no idea mon, I be responsible for every ting.”

  2. In high school I played the triangle in coordination with someone on trumpet at a concert.. my heart broke when the band director referenced the performance as a ‘trumpet solo’ to the audience afterwards.

  3. I actually saw Dave Grohl give his triangle player a solo in Reno 15 years ago or so.
    He also let a fan in the crowd play drums for an entire song on the railing to the pit, with a pair of sticks the guy caught from the openers drummer.

  4. I remember playing a Christmas concert in junior high band. One song had like an eight measure jingle bell break in the middle. The director instructed me to shake the ever-living shit out of the bells, like I was having some kind of spastic attack. I looked like I was having a seizure, my head flopping back and forth, hair flying every which way. I was dizzy by the time the solo was over. It was the best performance I ever gave.


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