We explore the top 4 careers in 2018. All of these careers have the potential to earn 100k and have a ton of opportunities to work remote. Best of all, they don’t require a degree.

Skillshare course on data science:

Skillshare course on web development:

Skillshare course on copywriting:

My recommended course on digital marketing (not on skillshare):

ENGINEERED TRUTH : Top 4 High-End Careers (No Degree Required) | How to earn money online with a remote job



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  1. Certifications are they way to go in the tech industry. I work remotely doing tech support and make pretty good money. I have a bachelors but work with tons of folks with no degrees. However, data scientists and developers usually have masters and PHDs at the company I work for.

  2. The tree guy in town wants $425 to prune a medium size tree in my backyard. It's probably one hour of work and one helper.
    I should have study botanical. The guy owns a beach house in Colombia. The plumber charges a minimum of $90 dollars to come fix any piping issues and the electrician cost $75 an hour. Don't underestimate blue collar jobs. Those who do good work keep themselves very busy.

  3. I felt bad and thought he was sick, but i learned in skill share that he wasnt stuttering because of a disease. But it was because he deep throated a BBC the night before this video was recorded

  4. Web dev, sure, since a coding workshop isn't a degree and it's that easy to learn how to understand code
    Digital marketing was 70k?
    Copy writing, if you have an English degree? What
    Data science, not really remote, and they use "multi-variable algebra, linear calculus and statistics" so if you studied biology, chemistry, physics… totally don't need a degree, most people learn that in highschool

    Here's a better way to make 100k+ without a degree
    1. make a YouTube video (in your apartment while taking shots with your buddy) with seemingly useful, yet ultimately useless information (i.e. "click bait")
    2. Put 6-7 ads in there
    3. Profit


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