to have an argument

to have an argument

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  1. Okay full disclosure im new to the world of trains. I just started as a conductor in one of the most established train lines in the world. Or so they tell me.

    Anyway, first day of “train school” the instructor asked if there were any foamers. And we were like what? And they spoke about this culture of people who just love trains so much. And it’s not my niche, but I honestly think it’s pretty sweet. I like trains, now that I work with them.

    But one of my favourite parts of my job is when these train fans come out to see us work. I always try and wave and get the engineer to blow the horn for them.

    One guy watched us go by the other day, from on top of a bridge/overpass thing. And he was taking pictures with the biggest smile on his face, and then waved to us like he was a man wrecked on an island waving to a passing boat.

    And then at the next overpass he was waiting for us again, with a smile, pictures and that massive wave. 🙂

    How cool is that? Humans, man.

  2. *Image Transcription: Twitter Post*

    > **Dan Hensley**, @RealDanHensley

    > Why are you photographing trains? Do you work for a rail company? Are you the media?

    > **Ted Ellis**, @chiefted

    > It’s a hobby, there are a crap ton of people who do it for fun. Not just here in the US but around the world.

    > **Dan Hensley**, @RealDanHensley

    > So it’s a hobby. Why can’t you enjoy it in the privacy of your own home?

    > **Ted Ellis**, @chiefted

    > [*Replying to @RealDanHensely and @midnightdog*]

    > Because trains don’t run through my home

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  3. When 9:10 adults are walking around with an internet connected, HD or better video camera with GPS tagging in their pocket while being captured by CCTV hundreds of times on a given day, getting your titties twisted about public photography seems a rather narrow concern.


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