Thots now Pauls

Thots now Pauls

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  1. [Violent crime](
    [Child pornography or exploitation](
    [Trafficking in persons](
    [Drugs]([Crimes involving alcohol, tobacco, firearms or explosives](
    [Computer and internet crime](
    [White collar crime](


    these are the different categories of crime they have listed on the website. which would be best to report them for?

  2. People know this will do nothing, right? I mean this is funny, but the IRS and DOJ are two different beasts. If the IRS believe you are trying to fuck them, they will pursue you relentlessly. Money and taxes are serious business. The fucking DOJ is not going to open an investigation because a dipshit jumped into a canal in a foreign country…

  3. Have there actually been reports to the IRS about camgirls?

    I don’t think people care about public goods that much because they take them for granted and just believe other people will take care of them, so that won’t actually work.

  4. Jumping in a canal is probably a misdemeanor. You arent going to get the US to prosecute for Italian misdemeanors and Italy is never going to pressure the US to do so


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