This is what democracy looks like

This is what democracy looks like

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  1. Motherfucker. I just went through all the major news sites and NONE of them are covering the nationwide protests. Not a mention on their homepages.









    Edit: Including Fox News, which I did check out earlier and saw the same thing; [](

  2. Thanks, here in Trump country (Oklahoma City) there were about 15 of us to show up for the event. Good to know that when I feel like I am alone in my outrage regarding what is happening, I am not crazy…. Statistically, I am. **edit (Statistically, I am alone, not crazy, but I could be both) Thanks for the love!

  3. [Donald Trump has appointed a man who has written and oped about ending the Mueller investigation]( which has [indicted multiple members of Trump’s administration and team.](

    But let’s not forget Trump’s other Orwellian behavior

    [Trump has from the beginning started chants and made threats to lock up his political opponent]( These chants of course take place at his rallies he still holds well after the election which is very strange.

    [He has started chants against news agencies that criticize him]( and has [declared them the enemy of the people.]( This was after a man had sent bombs to multiple targets Trump has declared enemies or criminals in the past

    [Trump tweeted a fake video created by a far right Christian supremacist group Britain First meant to paint a misleading and hateful image toward a religious minority]( In respose to this [his administration replied with ” Whether it’s a real video, the threat is real “](

    [His administration posted an altered video from Infowars to spread the lie that a reporter assaulted a woman so they could justify banning him after he upset the President.](

    [This is a very strange justification given Trump has already promoted violence on multiple occasion including using it against a reporter where he celebrated a politician bodyslamming the journalist](

    [He also believes that violence is an appropriate response to protesters saying that “There used to be consequences. There are none anymore” and “Part of the problem and part of the reason it takes so long is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore”](

  4. Good.
    Where is this? The protests haven’t started on the west coast yet.

    Edit: There are a lot of comments here and elsewhere on reddit tonight claiming that “libruls are wasting their time. Don’t they have jobs!?”

    I think it’s a good opportunity to point out that the protests are all starting at 5 pm local time. When most people are getting off work and are still downtown in their respective cities. There’s already reports of a great turnout on the east coast, now the west coast is getting out there too.

    People who hold powerful positions in government using their authority to avoid the truth about their actions being known is an existential threat to our democracy. I think most people would argue that demonstrating our unwillingness to tolerate such things in America is a very productive use of one’s time.

  5. I’d argue this is what the response to a threat to democracy looks like. In a democracy the party who repeatedly loses the popular vote (by 3% in 2016 and 7% this year) doesn’t get to own two branches of government and half of the third.

    A real democracy doesn’t require the majority to take to the streets to get things done

    Edit: ffs I gotta stop cause if I respond to 1 more “hurr durr we are a republic” comment I’m gonna go insane. We are not the country the founding fathers envisioned 200 years ago. Cause if we were the Donald Trump wouldn’t be president A group of elites would have picked someone who is less of an idiot when it come to international diplomacy and even if somehow they picked him he wouldn’t have even a quarter of the powers he currently wield since the presidency was intentionally neutered as the federal government was intentionally neutered.

    But we as a country have embraced the concept of democracy, not the governmental system not the put stones in the jar Greek style democracy but the concept that states that a government should reflect the will of its people. The Us doesn’t go around “spreading republic” we trade in democracy because we believe the concept to be the best way to govern.

    If the minority is being empowered to veto measures by the majority that directly affect them then democracy is still working. If the minority is making laws unchecked that directly affect the majority and the majority is powerless to stop them, then we have a breakdown of democracy.

    Now if you have an argument as to why the minority should have unchecked power over the majority then come at me , I would be happy to argue it. If you are coming at me with semantics and misunderstandings of the evolution of the US government branches since 200 years ago please stop.

    Edit 2: on the other hand, keep it coming. Seeing “Patriots” argue against the concept of democracy is amusing.

    One day I will show these PMs and replies to my kids and go: “see kids these are red blooded American Patriots trying to explain to Papa, who escaped an autocratic regime to move to the US, why democracy is BAD and why the few having unchecked control over the many is actually the best way to govern”

    I will of course wait until they are old enough to have taken , how did ya’ll put it “a fucking junior high social studies class you moron”

  6. Anyone out there willing to answer a question? And I ask with no intention of be condescending or belligerent; is there anything you would be willing to protest over? I’m curious as to what different people feel is that important.

  7. No, this is what a protest looks like. Democracy would look more like Brian Kemp going to jail. He [illegitimately removed 340,000 people from the voting rolls]( while both [overseeing the election in Georgia, and being a candidate in it.]( Let’s maybe not be too self-congratulatory about democracy while shit like that is going on in broad daylight.


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