This is so damn sweet and sad

This is so damn sweet and sad

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  1. It’s a beautiful sadness. Ever since I lost my dog, I made it my mission to annoy owners with “CAN I PET YOUR DOG?!” and shit like that.

    She was a lab, but I see her even in ever other dog, from Weinerdog to a German Shepard. If they like me, I see a lot of her in them. If they don’t like me, I see a lot of how we first met, when she was scared of people still.

    I miss her.

  2. Just a heads up… I thought that the recommendation about not throwing sticks was basically bogus.

    A couple of weeks ago, I threw a stick for my lab. She yelped as she got it, and I went to check on her. She coughed up a bit of bloody mucus and seemed to be fine.

    Turns out you can have a bit of stick stuck in your dog’s throat, though. Also, wounds in the back of the throat too. Fortunately, after about 48 hours, she managed to dislodge it.

    I’ve been using rope toys since.

  3. While this is a very nice gesture, tennis balls are actually quite rough and dogs that chew on them can considerably wear down their teeth (attrition). This contributes to poor dental health, which some dogs already have a considerable amount of. You can purchase “soft” tennis balls made for dogs to play with which avoids excessive wear on their teeth. Daily dental care (brushing, treats etc.) is of course very important for maintaining good oral health.

    Source: Vet here.


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