This gerbera flower in my backyard is covered with spider net

This gerbera flower in my backyard is covered with spider net

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  1. Thấy comment này thì t ở trong Reddit Việt Nam từ khi mới lập literally nha. Fight on.
    Guys, I have zero experience in gardening and after reading your comments I googled it out to realize that this is harmful to plants, but fortunately it is the only pot around which is infected so Im trying my best to isolate it from the rest. Thanks for helping me lol.

  2. After reading the comments, I finally understand why as a kid I saw big heavily forested area of pine/oak trees covered in giant spider web based “cocoons” and I always thought it was a giant ass spider causing all of this mayhem.

  3. Btw, in case people haven’t mentioned it, spider mites only climb to the top of the plant and web when their colony has grown large enough to spread. They predominantly live on the underside of leaves and flowers sothat the UV light from the sun doesn’t kill them. Depending on your temperature and humidity, their egg spawn rate can vary between 2-15 days. Imo cut and bag the plant. If not, you can turn it upside down and dunk in slightly soapy water. They also make insecticide soaps, but you’ll have to do this repeatadly as you’ll always leave some eggs behind.

    Source: commercial marijuana farmer

  4. In a pinch, you can use a hose attachment + brush-head to vacuum the buggers off. It doesn’t kill eggs, and you do have to make a couple passes and make sure you get the undersides of leaves but on larger plants, or ones you have an investment in, it’s a quick/dirty way to get rid of a bulk of them.

    Follow up with spray of choice to finalize them; keep vacuuming as you need to. At least it’s not a chem solution…


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