These young guys saved their elderly neighbor Mr. C from a house fire

These young guys saved their elderly neighbor Mr. C from a house fire

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  1. The guy on the right looks like me every time someone tells me to act natural

    EDIT: Aaand my most upvoted comment is a dumb joke. I love you guys.

    Award speech edit: So I’m trying to do the jetski here.. I’d like to thank my parents, Metro Boomin, u/ThisIsntYogurt.. and uh..

  2. > “This is Bridgeton. Mr. ‘C’ has lived here for nearly 50 years, and is well known in his neighborhood. Yesterday, unknown to him while he was watching television, this group saw smoke coming from the roof of his house. Rather than ignore it, they were concerned for their neighbor and alerted him, and us. They got Mr. C out of his house while a neighbor climbed out the window with a fire extinguisher and slowed down a burning exhaust fan that was on fire. We arrived, removed the fan, and finished extinguishing the fire in the roof. Damage was limited, due in no small part to the actions of these concerned citizens. We have our share of struggles, but we do have a Great City, we do work together, and we do care about one another…”

    Source is on Facebook and I can’t link it on this sub (or most of reddit tbh) without doxxing people so here’s a doxx-free screenshot:


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