The Special Counsel investigation may not be the federal investigation posing the biggest threat to the President. There is another federal investigation that could ensnare the whole family. Mimi Rocah and Natasha Bertrand discuss.
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The Other Federal Investigation Worrying President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

MSNBC : The Other Federal Investigation Worrying President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. How much longer will Trump be able to strut and fret his inane stuff with impunity , as US president, instead of rotting in jail with some very displeased Mexican cell-mate paying him much unwanted attention?

  2. Sooner than later. He is so good of lying, cheating stilling. He even saves his kids friends from jail like all the rapest like him. Maybe its happening to their daughter's too. High school students lots of them try drinking beer and alcohol.

  3. Donald Trump has no respect for USA,or the people of the USA, frankly he should be locked up! He is a thug in politic. USA has seen and has heard enough of his stupidity. GAME OVER!

  4. Question Of The Day:

    Why would Trump not quietly live life as a billionaire but instead exchange his lifestyle to daily come under the microscope as president with a strong possibility of forfeiting the remainder of his natural life to languish in a Federal prison??? That alone speaks volumes about his sanity and his intelligence.

  5. Mullers smartest idea was to split the cases up in other districts even if he was fired or anything like that those cases would not be stopped now if they can get them on state crimes I can’t wait to see what muller is going to drop in the next few months

  6. Have some common sense and do the research on your own. Just repeating the things Trump says doesn't make it any truer than Trump saying it himself. It's sad to see that the sheeple in this country believe whatever they're told.


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