The Parenting Junkie has embraced the minimalist newborn. What are minimalist newborn essentials, you may ask. Let’s consider the minimalist newborn wardrobe and minimalist newborn must haves. Does a minimalist newborn diaper bag necessary? What does a minimalist newborn clothes selection look like? This video is all about Avital’s take on the minimalist newborn list and the minimalist newborn baby essentials might not be so essential after all. Be sure to download the Minimalist Baby Essentials List in the link below for your minimalist baby. The great thing about minimalist baby essentials is how it spills over and naturally creates a minimalist baby nursery. This is not a minimalist baby haul today – so be prepared to be mind blown at the things you thought you needed, but perhaps DON’T need.


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The Parenting Junkie : The Minimalist Newborn (The Essentials You DON’T Need)

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  1. Totally agree-changing tables are useless. I set up the top of a dresser that we already had like a changer-and hardly EVER used it! The couch was always more convenient! (I don't know how to put hearts in the comments, lol)

  2. I subscribed to you as soon as you said you only clean your babys bum with water and never had a diaper rash!! And the fact that you try stay away from milk bottles 👏👏👏👏❤ thats one ideal type of motherhood.
    Great Parenting comes first👶

  3. Personally I love my change table, which is just a long dresser with a changing pad on it. I change my babies, 2 of them, on the change table 98% of the time. Not only changing but getting them dressed as well.

  4. Amazing how we are lead to believe (and accept the belief) that we need to spend so much money and that kids cost so much…this opens up so many simple solutions that are right under our nose and free! Thanks so much for sharing this with us all Avital! Keep up the good work <3

  5. We have a 10평 officetel in South Korea. We don't use a crib, a changing table, a nursing pillow, or a nursing chair. All we have for baby is his clothes, closet, diapers & wipes (gov't supported), pacifiers (as an EBFer, momma needs a break lol), infant-toddler rocking chair (not entirely sure about this one, but we have it, & it does help dh & I eat together while baby can see us), play mat, some toys to grab, some books to read, pillow & blankets, stroller w/bassinet (our baby was able to play & sleep freely this way), & diaper backpack (no car, so this is great for baby's needs, our snacks, etc). Just thought I would share. Thanks for sharing

  6. I’m the 5th of 7 kids and I don’t think my mother ever bought a changing table. To this day I don’t really get the point. We always just changed the baby wherever we are in the house.

  7. Never had one that did not sleep through the night… I have 6 children… Oldest is 27 years old and baby is 19 months old… Yes i birthed all of them and because i use a crib and i fed everyone of them rice cereal from the day they was born they all slept through the night and so did i..

  8. i am verry happy with my old diper changing table the is were my oldest and youngste borther did get some times. but now i am using him for my tv and books haha it is a old piece of funture so as i wil buy or hang my tv too the wall i need to give him back

  9. If you're going to spend money on a changing table, consider buying one second hand with drawers that can be used as a dresser into toddler years. The top portion that was once for changing can display some books and favorite toys.

  10. LOVE
    I didn't buy the changing table because I didn't feel like we honestly needed it. Our bed, the couch, and the floor worked just fine. When we went out I had a a fold up changing mat (that came with my diaper bag) to put on a public changing table or if we were near the car I would change my baby in the car. My whole family thought I was cheap and crazy for not having a changing table but I am 100% glad I didn't waste the money on one. I also bought a versatile diaper bag that doubled as a handbag for myself so I didn't have to carry two bags.

  11. I only advocate for the changing table because I feel the diaper mess stays in one spot and not all over the house. Whether it be a blow out or a change of messy clothes, I felt just a bit better knowing that if a mess did occur I could remove the sheet/clothes, wash, and replace easily. Knowing myself I’d forget to throw the diaper away if left in different areas so I felt this to be more of a sanitary reminder.

  12. YES! it truly IS best for baby to get that hard floor time for movement. Sitting them upright is NOT good for them. Don't let all the swing/bumbo/excersaucer manufacturers convince you otherwise. Keep sitting upright (until they can pull themselves into a sitting position) to a minimum. ♥

  13. My newborn had a lot of trouble digesting the dairy in my diet before I realized and stopped eating it, and it would keep her up unless held. This grew into sleep associations. I wish I knew earlier that dairy can upset baby tummies through breast milk.
    Then her teeth started coming in early and often. Hopefully she will be sleeping a lot better soon 🤞

  14. At 2 months pp I totally agree and realise that my essentials mostly revolve around sleep: bedside crib/sleeper, breathing monitor, silicone pump during nursing, sleepsack/swaddle! My nights were a charm with few exceptions (where I can recommend an electric hammock). At daytime all I needed was lots of help and coloc medicine

  15. I love this. I have 2 kids and I had the changing table but I got rid of it and I don’t need one so I won’t purchase another for the 3rd. I’ve changed my kids in the back of my suv. 😉

  16. My baby was also high alert so we had to change our routines to suit her natural cycles, which we were thankfully able to do. I was also always of the mindset that you don't need a changing table, because you can just as easily use a bed, sofa or floor, BUT every child is different and ours had neurodermitis so we had to give extra special attention to her skin. A changing table with all the creams, changes of clothes etc, works very well for us. Three years down the line, it's still in her room, we still use it every night as part of the routine and it's a great way to store her pajamas, creams and clothes she's grown out of. So I must say it has and still is working for us! 🙂

  17. We had a diaper table starting off but I got rid of it fairly quickly, before he stared rolling around. He almost fell off of it once, even while buckled up, and I was done after that. And once I started cleaning in the floor I realized how easy it was. I cloth diapered and used cloth wipes from day one, and there were many times when I washed my son's butt in the sink or tub. Also a breastfeeding mom! We did no bottles or pacifiers. Such a life safer. Isn't it great that our bodies are made to feed our children to free, and whenever they need to be fed? All we kept from our first child for baby equipment was a lightweight infant cradle. But we mostly do floor time. My son is out of diapers now, but we plan to have a second baby soon. You're family is so gorgeous.

  18. Good idea with the baby bath! What type / brand of sleeper or wearable blanket was your baby wearing in the last scene (it was green)? I like how your baby can still move their arms, we have the swaddle me and they seem super restrictive for movement.


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