The Last Blockbuster has an official beer.

The Last Blockbuster has an official beer.

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  1. Dang you beat me to that sweet karma. We’ve been drinking them since the Blockparty a few weeks back. 10 Barrel’s Sinister Black with Red Licorice seems to be what the actual flavor is.

    Love to see Bend on reddit though, born and raised.

  2. Its interesting how they’re marketing themselves off a failed company and its working quite well.

    Oh and FYI the “last blockbuster” wasn’t originally a blockbuster but they decided to become one while retaining control of their store to get the brand help of blockbuster.

  3. they should really have transitioned into being a bar. Keep all of the branding, install some seats and tables, put beers in the drinks fridge behind the counter, set up some tvs with vcrs and BAM! you have a theme bar. All the franchising is pretty much done at that point.


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