The goodest of boys

The goodest of boys

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  1. We owned a hybrid wolf — we figured around 90 %. Both parents were very high percentage. Dad was gray wolf crossed with husky and mom was timber crossed with malamute. She was solid white ( an artic wolf) and when fully grown came up to my waist (I’m 5′ 8″) and weight 120 lbs. She wasn’t difficult to train , but she wasn’t easy either. However, she was one of the best dogs we’ve ever had. She was gentle with the kids, had the softest mouth (I could thread ham or turkey between my fingers and she would gently the meat off and eat it.). She was highly intelligent and very protective. I disciplined her by flipping her on her back and growling in her face or at her throat. She would go completely submissive when that happened.

    We got her when she was 8 weeks old and had her until she died from cancer at 12. We loved her dearly and still miss her terribly.

    Edit:. Corrected article to Arctic.

  2. I love his Instagram page. I’m pretty sure I found him through reddit and I would lie when I say that I haven’t liked every picture he posted since I started following him.

    He’s also not that far away from where I live so every forest or mountain that looks like worth visiting is part of my inspiration to just go and experience nature in it’s fullest potential.


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