The entrance to our apartment in Berlin...

The entrance to our apartment in Berlin…

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  1. you should just tie the key to a string and nail it to your door, that way when you do drop the key it strays on the string and bonus you dont have to carry it with you it’s always there when you need it.

  2. I closed the door of my brothers newly acquired car with the key in the door while he was in a bar. Key popped right out and down a storm drain. It took me, my (livid) brother and the bartender 30 min but we managed to use some paracord with a magnet on the end. The keys weren’t magnetic but thank christ the swiss army knife was. There were like two people in the bar (it was like 1 pm) but they both we pissing themselves laughing. Luckily the bar was just a surface in the front of a brewery so the bartender ( brew guy as well i guess) had hardware everywhere and luckily there was a magnet and cord. Also for the record, we weren’t drinking and driving, there was a pop-up fried chicken stand we went to for lunch in the back of the brewery.

  3. This is way too familiar for me… We had something close to this, except you could still pull it out with some hassle, but it happened so many times, that I literally built a reflex just for catching keys lmao


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