S&P Investment Advisory Services portfolio manager Erin Gibbs and Belpointe Asset Management chief strategist David Nelson discuss how Tesla CEO Elon Musk cut off questions asked by analysts during a conference call.

Fox Business : Tesla’s Elon Musk gets nasty with analysts during conference call

Conference Call


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  1. God, I hate that man. He deserves to eat his own money. Seriously, if I had the chance I would force-feed him billions of dollar notes. Corporatist pig.

    Oh, and call me a commie if you want. It wouldnt be a lie. Call me jealous; at least Im not working 9-5 looking up to a guy that doesnt care about me at all. Come at me.

  2. pretty funny seeing all the naive, predictable milliennial fanboys support this douche. South Park, do more spoofs of this twat faced, knob gobbler…don't reply faggots as I don't have time to smack you upside your heads…that's the job your father should have done.

  3. Why ask questions that are already answered in the report and opening remarks of the conference call? Analysts got way better info about the future of Tesla through Galileo's questions.

  4. Can you blame him…… dumb journalists/ stock monkeys who barely understand how things get done asking dumb questions. Come on… what credibility do journalists/ stock brokers have?

  5. Idiot journalist that should be reporting how the oil industry corporate lobbyists have corruptly held back solar, electric vehicles, wind power, and all that compete with oil… instead of his BS whining away from the truth. Obviously, this fellow is a fake puppet journalist that needs to find a real job with some dignity. Unscrupulous Financial Analysts are all too often are paid by special interests or market makers to slant news their way… I go with the Brilliant Engineer and his employees that know far better!

  6. They still didn't get it. He was over this whole discussion because it's already known by his investors. He did nothing differently than Trump does with the MSM (and rightly so).

  7. He's an ass hat, tesla will implode and no automaker is going to step in to save it but hey maybe the govt will double down and bail it out but maybe they've already said no and that's why elon acted the why he did…just sayin

  8. To the lady Analyst. I heard the whole conference call. (He did no insult anybody) Or maybe you think because Adam Joans insisted that Tesla should raise more money. That was an insult? And Elon said, Tesla did not need more money. You said that he insulted the analysts. What if he said to all of them go f#$% yourselfs. Do you think that all the analyst might have a heart attack?

  9. If I were a shareholder in his company I would be selling. If the CEO isn't going to let shareholders know what is happening in the company then I don't want anything to do with it.

  10. Excellent! Good on Elon for cutting through the bullshit. Hint: That's the same bullshit that this channel is helping to propagate. Btw.. Half a million orders. lol 😉

  11. Fuck wallstreet right now man. There is some shady shit going on where they don't want to let the bull market continue. Fuck you hedge fund owners and corrupt ass market makers fucking everything up.


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