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Emergency Awesome : Teen Titans Season 6 Trailer Explained – Post Credit Scene




  1. It's the age old story about cartoons almost always being craped on. The bulk of our childhood cartoons just end immediately with no rhyme or reason. The same with a lot of Sci-fi shows. I pretty much just had to quit Watching the sci-fi channel because once you got interested in a show, it would just randomly be canceled and end abruptly. Season 6 coming is definitely good news.

  2. I find the video useful to get informations from it. Okay, what I do expect from season 6 of Teen Titans is Robin the Boy Wonder to become Nightwing at the age where's reaching to his adulthood someday with his new teammates or maybe he'll become one later after the 6th season.Also, I would hopefully expect the creater of the young justice to show fans how and when Dick Grayson became Red X for Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke ,before becoming Nightwing at his big age who some people haven't of the character whilst others know that he appeared in the original Teen Titans show of Cartoon Network.

  3. TTG is a mockery of a truly great show. Season 6 of Teen Titans is gonna be popular. They better not be upset about the whole ‘demographic’ bull. If people like a show, what does it matter what age they are?! It just means that it’s a great show, ffs!


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