Do you want to each your kids responsibility? How much responsibility should you give them, and when should you step in and take control. This short video will improve the way you parent your children, and help them become much more responsible.

In my Positive Parenting training, I teach a model that helps us better understand how control and maturity correlates. We want our kids to take control over their own lives, but we want to make sure they are ready. Learn how to know when they are ready.

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Dr. Paul Jenkins

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Live On Purpose TV : Teaching Kids Responsibility – Positive Parenting

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  1. i'll probably use much of what you say when it comes to my daughter. It's relieving to see this, my parents did a number on me. I just hope i can do better, i don't want her to suffer like i do.

  2. Happened to accidently stump on your channel n loving it so much! I do understand what you are saying but still not fully got it. It would be nice if you can input some examples after your explaination. For e.g. you'd said consequences needed for both stage 1& 2 – So what kind of consequences are appropriate for both stages. How do I deal with my 11 yr old son who seems to fall in both stage 1 & 2? Is there any of your videos that are more clearer n deeper?

  3. My child had ADHD and autism and now he is 14 and I am finally trying to teach him to do chores and how to trust and all .. it seems as though he learns and he goes back to where he was before in about 3 months idk what's happening

  4. My mom is a parent that doesn't care about our personal happiness or feelings, she's the only one that matters and we just have to do what she wants. When I say this, I'm not being a whiny brat. This is something she has expressed to me. She told me that the only thing that matters is that we're self suficient and that she doesn't care about us being happy.

  5. I have watched this over and over again and still do not really get it. I do get my nearly 9 year old throw fits still. not at school anymore but at home when he gets a consequence or told no. and sometimes when he dose not want to do something.


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