Such a resigned “okay” too

Such a resigned “okay” too

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  1. > **Phyllis:** *[over the speakerphone]* Hi, are there any local companies that rent anti-gravity machines?

    > **Woman:** Anti-gravity machines?

    > **Phyllis:** That’s right, yeah.

    > **Woman:** What do they do exactly?

    > **Phyllis:** They make you feel lighter.

    > **Woman:** *[looking it up]* Anti-gravity… um… anti-depressant? I could put you through to someone on that?

    > **Phyllis:** *[pause]* Okay.

  2. Idk about y’all but it’s a comfort show for me. Not just in the sense that when I’m down it brings me up, but like I’ll put it on just to have something on while I’m doing something or restart it cause I know it won’t disappoint. It’s like the chicken nuggets of TV 😂

  3. When my wife passed away I was living in a big quiet apartment. There was nothing and no one and the silence was truly deafening. The Office was already my favorite show, we had watched it together and I had seen the whole series at least a couple times. I would leave this show on for hours and hours at a time. It made me feel like Stanley and Phyllis and everyone else was sitting in their quiet, boring office the same way I was sitting in my quiet (scary quiet) home, but at the same time bringing it to life.

    There’s far more truth to this post than I usually dare to admit.

  4. When I originally watched the office it always seemed to be cold out. So I’d sweater up and relax with some office. Now every time I watch I feel nice and relaxed. Office is definitely my relaxing background show I can put on anytime and feel cozy!

  5. For some reason this meme reminded me of Dead Like Me. The office the main character worked in, there was this chick who would be in the rear cubicles, always peering over, her eyes never missing a beat.


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