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thecollegepicker : Student loans “I failed” haven’t made a payment in 6 months



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  1. I have a lot of thoughts>>

    1) perfectly normal (and a good idea) to "push pause" for a few months after you get married. You need to devote time to her. Old Testament law actually forbid men to work for a bit after they got married.

    2) You forgot all the $ and time spent on the ticking 💣

    3) Travel time and expenses were a good plan (see thought #1)

    4) is a great resource for stocks. His stock series is legendary.

    5) Yeah… I can't support holding the crypto. You need a second frenzy to pump it back to $19k territory. No one likes taking a big loss, but I would consider selling the crypto at a loss.

    6) I "dollar cost average" for investing. Consistent, small investments. When I retire- consistent, small withdrawals. This minimizes buying high/selling low. Investing on a one year time frame can be dangerous.

    7) 40k in one year is AMAZING. That should be noted and celebrated!!

    8) Sorry for all the unsolicited advice. 50% posting this for future viewers.

  2. Question: Even though you didn’t hit the goal of 100% paid, do you think you would have paid off as much as you did if you didn’t write your goal down and write down your progress on paper? Something about writing a goal on paper really seems to help imo, wondering if you think it made a difference in your tenacity.

    Also, it’s really cool to see a YouTuber who replies to all of his comments. Keep up all of the hard work man, not only will it take you far in life but it’s an inspiration for the rest of us to see someone really put in the grind.

  3. So, in the immortal words of Chris LeDoux's song "Real Life Buckaroo":
    Now, when I take a nasty fall
    I'll cuss until I'm blue
    But' I get right up and on again
    Just like I'm supposed to do.
    It ain't because I'm so brave
    (All that stuff's just talk)
    My daddy sez the reason is
    I'm dumber'n a box of rocks!"
    Get right up and on again because failure is just a learning opportunity.

  4. You got married six months ago – how does that work when you are off living the van life? Student loans are the worst. Do they charge interest on them like they do her in Oz? I paid mine off with a final $14000 lump sum (and then got around $5000 in a tax rebate, go figure). You'll get there!

  5. I don't understand why you are so hard on yourself. You've got your debt under control and are still working toward paying it off. But where is your wife in all of this? Does she live in the van with you?

  6. You already know this, but one of the problems with your situation (besides the excuses you listed), is Dave teaches to stop all investments while paying off debt (baby step 2). Like he says, you can't get out of a hole by digging out the bottom. Good luck.

  7. I know how you feel Eric. After throwing everything I have at working a 40 hour a week job and spending all my free time reselling I lose around $300 a month living where I live, I cant afford to move, I applied for a loan but despite despite my high credit score ive been denied for lack of loan history, my hard work has bit me in the ass.


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