Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti speaks with CNN’s Chris Cuomo about her lawsuit against President Trump.

CNN : Stormy Daniels’ attorney: Trump knew about payment





  1. Russian whore in Thai jail, Alana Evans (whore) and Stormy Daniels (whore), Karen MacDougal (whore)….CNN is going way out of its way to use whores to bring down Trump. LOL!!

  2. @8:40: "I haven't let people take my lunch money since I was 7, 8-years old – I'm not gonna start now."
    No offense to him, but I just knew he was compensating for something by being that kind of defense lawyer…

  3. when you violate a hush agreement, you should get sued for a lot more than what you got paid for. Stormy Daniels made a big gamble with this and made a big mistake. Don't think that Trump's lawyers let this one slip like this. Theres more details in that agreement than Stormy and her lawyer realizes.

  4. Obama was nothing but a scandal. Bush was a scandal. Clinton was a scandal. Bush was a scandal. Carter was a scandal. Nixon was a scandal, LBJ was a scandal. You have been mental slaves your whole lives.

  5. I believe Stormy got something real big on Donald Trump and he know that she got something on him he may not know what it is but he know it's something big and that's why he needed to pay her off. Stormie going to be his Destroyer. If I was Melania I wouldn't care if he was the president I would leave him because he is giving her a bad reputation

  6. The journalist asks really good questions.
    She took the hush money and that is clearly agreement to the conctract on her side.
    If only there wasn’t this overwhelming urge to enlighten the public in detail about an affair or simply a deal between a prostitute and her client.
    Yes, it is obviously all about the truth…!

  7. This lawyer is really brave…He's kick the ass of trumpet lawyers JAJAJAJAJAJA and for those Evangelical they vote for trumpet Pray a lot for the President to see if God Make a Miracle…..He's take is own Medicine…..JAJAJAJAJAJA

  8. What they're doing is trying to avoid the coming campaign finance law violations while.sending a warning to all the other women who.may come.forward and tell.their encounters with this deplorable disgusting and embarrassing son of a bitch

  9. That made a lot of sense to me. I was wondering about the no sign contract and if that really counts but if its true that the contract was written in California and the contract even says it has to be signed then that is very interesting.


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