In this video we will show you the secret end

WOOF Bandits : Spider Man Ps4 2018 – Secret Ending And Post Credit Scenes



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  1. Why do people call additional cut-scenes – mid- or after credits – "secret"? There is nothing secret about them. A secret ending would be one that you only see if you do something special / rare in the game.

  2. I hate it when comic books make more of the same superhero for no reason. Why does Miles have the powers too? It just ruins the whole thing. I mean the alternate universe thing where miles becomes Spider-Man is good but when they make him part of the main universe it’s just stupid.

  3. If you played close attention, while you are MJ and you are on the mission where you infiltrate Norman's secret lab you can see round purple grenades which are used by the green goblin so my best guess is that norman is already working on something to do with the green goblin.

  4. My theory for the sequel:

    The symbiote will reject Harry due to his illness and leave him to die; Norman will go nuts and become the Green Goblin, using the advanced weaponry Peter found in his penthouse laboratory. After escaping, the symbiote will bond with Peter and turn him to the dark side over the course of the story (bear in mind that he's already gonna be a little unstable thanks to Otto's betrayal and May's death).

    Meanwhile, we'll also see Eddie Brock's "disgraced reporter" arc play out, in which he falsely announces an innocent citizen as the Sin-Eater and is ruined when Spider-Man catches the real villain; however, the game will feature Cletus Kasady as the serial killer instead of the lesser-known Sin-Eater, setting up Carnage for the future and establishing a reason for Eddie to resent him as well as Peter.

    The climax of the game will see Peter defeating Norman, but not before he kills MJ in the same manner as he does Gwen in the comics. Thanks to the influence of the symbiote, Peter will be out for blood; the true final battle will put the player in Miles' shoes as he steps in to stop Peter, with Peter himself as the final boss.

    In the aftermath, Miles will successfully convince Peter to reject the symbiote, which will go on to bond with the disgraced Eddie and create the Venom we all know and love. Cue the third game 😉

  5. I hope in the sequel it's not just Miles or just Peter as the protagonist.
    I hope we either get a coop mode or have certain story missions require either Peter or Miles (and also some missions which see you switch between the two).
    Or both!


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