So this is Lilly, she’s the picture of health, and is officially 20 years old ! I know people don’t like spiders but I’ve raised her with dedication since she was the size of half a penny, and produced this beauty. And to show her how relaxed she is, here’s a pic of the two of us <3 #happybirthday

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  1. I have so many questions. These may sound ignorant, but if the shoe fits:

    Do spiders have personalities?
    Does she act different when she is hungry or tired?
    Does she play with you?
    Has her appearance changed with age?
    Where did you get her?
    Does she live in a terrarium? Do you ever just let her run around?
    What does she like to eat?
    Has she ever gotten “lost”?
    Does she do tricks?

  2. A friend of mine had a pet spider who passed away and posted pics on instagram in their honor and so many comments were people being disgusted by the spider. I get that some people cant stand spiders, but that was a pet that someone loved, show some respect. Anyway, main point is I support you having a pet that others would turn their nose up at.

  3. I’m 53 yrs old and I never EVER thought I would be reading and liking a post like this but I’ve been swayed on my thoughts about tarantulas. My son came home with one. ‘Pider’ (her pet name) was the science class pet and they needed her to be re-homed , my son volunteered without asking me. A few years later my son is moving across the country and I’ve now inherited Pider. Being an animal lover i couldn’t get rid of her or take her to the pet store so i sucked it up, fed her her crickets, cleaned her cage and became smitten. She was SO COOL! She was relatively active and I was fascinated. We had a few traumatic experiences, I had no idea what molting was! I thought I killed her! I yelled for my husband, ‘SHE’S DEAD SHE’S DEAD!’ We were both so upset!! How did she die?!!! What happened!!?? She was fine yesterday!! We opened the enclosure and my husband tried to move the skeleton. Right that very second she popped her head out of the coconut like, “here I am!’ of course we screamed, jumped back, said a lot of curse words because it scared the living begesus out of us! We had never held her and had no plans on doing so but I could have hugged her, I was so relieved! After googling frantically, ‘how did a second tarantula get into the cage?’ We learned about molting.
    We never knew how old she was until i ran into my son’s teacher a couple years later. She was an adult when they got her and she was there for 9 years we had her around 7 years before she passed away. She’s buried in the back yard next to the cat. RIP Pider, you are definitely missed.


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